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February 2018



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Politics of War: Democracy as defense against Plutocracy

I was listening to Michael Parenti on Alternative Radio the other day. He had some very convincing points about what motivates our government To Kill Iraq

And did anyone else catch the One-Year Anniversary Invasion Of Iraq on Talk of the Nation yesterday (3/18/04). The callers were really mad at Thomas Mcnaugher, Vice President, Army Research Division, RAND Corp. Lynn Neary tried to tone things down but the callers were out for blood. And he seemed totaly surprised by their hostility. You can listen to it yourself.

Making the World Safe for Plutocracy
by John G. Nettles, PopMatters, [28 March 2003]
"If we are truly in Iraq because of our deep belief in the need to enforce United Nations edicts, we would have invaded Israel years ago. If we're there to neutralize a potential threat to the United States, we'd be knocking on Kim Jong Il's door with bunker-buster bombs as well. If we're there because of our missionary passion to bring democracy to the rest of the world, we'd show more respect for the democracy at work in France and Turkey, and White House spokesman Ari Fleischer would not be making the asinine claim that the "coalition of the willing" numbers 1.8 billion people, seeing as the majority of the populations of that coalition's members are opposed to the war.

And, of course, if we expect the Iraqi people to embrace American-brand freedom, the Administration would be working much harder to practice it at home, ending unlawful detentions, the suppression of dissent, the proposed kangaroo tribunals, and the murder of prisoners, such as those of two Afghani detainees recently beaten to death at Guantánamo Bay (Independent, 7 March 2003). These are all the sorts of atrocities from which we claim to be liberating Iraq."

The silent plutocracy.(various; Wealth and Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich) (book review)
by Paul Taylor, Mother Jones, May-June, 2002

Ending Corporate Governance We The People: Revoking Our Plutocracy

koyaanisqatsi: a state of life that calls for another way of living


Ah, yes, democracy. We're all in favor of democracy, unless, of course, the people don't pick something we want…

You know....

Someone would have to be seriously deluded to believe that Dubya went into this war for WMD. He wanted to find anything he could use to make a case, so he could win one for Daddy. I think that should be pounded into the American people's head by the democrats, and that ring of truth would be hard to argue away on the republican side.
I don't know if you'll get this, eight months after posting it, but I was doing one of those narcissistic Google searches and found you'd quoted from my article in PopMatters. Just wanted to say thank you.

John Nettles

The Miracle of the Internet

You're very welcome. It is strange to be reminded that people who write articles are human beings who are flattered to be quoted.

I didn't know you had a Live journal.

Your posts to your live journal sound a lot like my friends, so I added you to my friends list.

Re: The Miracle of the Internet

I added you back. It's lovely to meet you.