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February 2018



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Cat Drama (Ember missing)

Lots of excitement

Tuesday night I went over to blaisepascal & skitten’s for dinner and Ritual planning. Marilyn and zimarra were there too. We had a good night and planned the next two rituals (I look forward to seeing the plans when K posts them… real soon now…I hope…)

When I got home kenshardik and The Best Neighbors Ever™ (and their friend Steve) were drinking cocktails and watching "Freaks" (1932). (Which was a very interesting movie and not nearly as "freaky" as I expected it to be.) We had the doors to both apartments open as we have been doing lately.

When we went to bed I closed the doors. Ember didn’t come to sleep with me that night. I thought she was just being a cat.

In the morning Ember didn’t visit me in the bathroom so I started looking for her. I couldn’t find her outside under the stairs (where the cats usually hide when they get out.) And Sarah had not seen her.

Well, she could have been hiding the house, that has happened before.

During the day I called J and asked him if he had seen Ember. He hadn’t, but he spent some time looking for her.

When I got out of work I took the bus home, got my car, picked up a treadmill from Freecycle, put air in my tires, picked up Beast and phoenixmedusa, got money from the bank, and headed up to Common Ground for Wing Night. It has been a long time since I have done Wing Night. (Common Ground makes great wings and Cheese Fries.) I couldn’t stay long because I was tired and still had to go shopping.

J agreed to take Rauncie home and Sarah came shopping with me. We went to Byrne Dairy for milk (in glass bottles), P&C for food, and Eckard for my prespcription refills.

We got home at 9pm. Sarah helped me carry the treadmill up the stairs, and she carried up most of the groceries.

Ember still hadn’t turned up so Sarah made up plates of cat food, tuna, and catnip and put them out around the yard. Then she sprinkled a trail of catnip up our stairs.

Sarah kept saying that statistically cats don’t go far from their original home even when they run away. So when it got dark I sat on the stoop with the phone and tried my various cat calls. Ember usually comes when I clear the caller ID from the phone. She is also attracted to my whistle and when I call Kip!Kip!Kip! or Em-Bar, Em-Bar, Em-Bar. J and Sarah came down to look around too.

While we were sitting on the stoop I heard a cat crying. At first I wasn’t sure if it was Sarah or J making a cat noise to call Ember. But when they claimed innocence I looked around and Ember was in the stairwell looking at us and crying.

She could not have gotten past us. Our apartment door was closed to keep Kip in. The only open door was the Best Neighbors Ever™. She must have been in their apartment the whole time. But J and Chris both looked.

Well, we are glad to have her back.


The neighbor's cat, Sam, (who owns the whole neighborhood) likes to follow us into the basement or our building and get himself locked in. Which occasionally means getting a late night knock on our door from the neighbors. "It sounds like Sam is in the basement again."
When I was rooming with tiirz and edgedancer, their cat Taliesin disappeared. We hunted all over the neighborhood, put up flyers, everything. Then when I was downstairs doing my laundry, I saw him dart into a storage space. He wouldn't come out and hid in the very back of the space.

Sigh. Why do cats have to hide like that? Why?

I'm very glad you found your Ember again!
It's amazing, the places where cats hide. Ours are indoor kitties and they still manage to get into places where we can't find them! Charlie's the pro - she climbs into the boxspring of our bed and once there only comes out on her own terms! They both sneak quite stealthily into rooms too, including places we don't want them to go.

I'm glad to hear that Ember's safe.