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October 2017



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Towel Day report

I didn't get much done yesterday. But I finally got motivated to attend the Toastmasters meeting. I dug out my copy of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and my memorial black towel with the gold star burst, and I volunteered to do the reading. I told them who Douglas Adams was and explained about Towel Day then I read what the Guide had to say about towels. That involved a lot of demonstrations of the many uses of towels. :-) They were greatly amused.

Today I'm meeting with my mentor to work on my next speech.


Have any members of your Toastmasters group given science topic speeches in recent months?


No. Why do you ask?

Oh, would you be interested in some tile for your mosaics?

Re: Toastmasters

It was a question for work.

I haven't done much mosaicing lately. It's entirely possible I'd start again but I have been unusually busy the past two months and there has been a lot going on getting settled into a new job and with trying to sell the house. Maybe now that those issues have been settled I'll find time and inclination to be creative again. What kind of tile do you have available (color, size, pattern)?

Re: Tile & toastmasters.

People at toastmasters talk about whatever they want to for the most part.

The tiles in bathroom have been falling off the wall (the landlortd is going to redo the whole thing as soon I we move the cat boxes.). They are all flat and square and sort of bluegreen, no pattern.

Re: Tile & toastmasters.

They sound like a cool color. I might be able to use some, but would never get thorugh a whole bathroom's worth. I bet they'd all go if you posted them to freecycle.

Re: Tile

I don't have the whole bathroom full, just a stack of the ones that have fallen off the wall so far.

Re: Tile

Cool. I could probably use the smaller number myself.

If you're at the festival between 4 and 6 tomorrow perhaps I'll see you - I'll be tabling for work.
Sounds pretty neat! Have you ever been to the site of the Earth Edition of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? Here is the link:
We missed you this past weekend. I hope you are feeling better.


Someone else asked me about H2G2 but I had no idea what it was, Thanks for the link.

I hope to improve to the point where I can go camping again. I missed you guys to.

Re: H2G2

Yay!!!! Looking forward to having my hands on you again! ;-)