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February 2018



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reject reality

Second Chance Community Center and Thrift Store

Another in my continuing series of "Great Ideas"

A community center where we offer classes in crafts, recycling donated material and selling the end products in the thrift store. Anyone can take classes at the community center to learn a craft or just volunteer their time to hang out and make crafts to sell in the store (or keep for themselves). The community center teaches skills and provides activities for people, young or old, who have no where else to be, or have handicaps that limit their functions. We could also provide free meals for anyone who shows up (depending on our resources). We should have a sewing machine and washer and drier for the fabric crafts so we could provide some emergency help for the homeless.

The thrift store would sell any donated items that were in good condition, but broken items and ripped or stained clothes could be used for quilting and other crafts. The thrift store is a place to sell the crafts that are made at the community center and the income could support the community center.

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"

"Waste Not, Want Not."

"Feeling Bored? Come In and Make Yourself Useful!"

"You Have the Power to Make the World a Better Place. What are You Doing?"



I like it. I'd hang out there!

Second Chance Thrift Store and Community Center

Wouldn't the old Salvation Army Thrift Store building be perfect for it?

You could teach mosaic, to use the bits of broken and chipped crockery that come in. :-)

Re: Second Chance Thrift Store and Community Center

Yeah that would be fun. I haven't mosaiced in an age but am hoping to start again once my work schedule gets back to normal. I like your crochet rug and bag idea... that would be fun to learn and a good way to recycle clothes at the end of their lifespan.