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January 2018



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More Flow!

Most of the house continues relatively clean.

Clean enough so I'm happy to have guests.

My new bedroom is perfect. I make my bed as soon as I get out of it. I do need a couple of shelves and some S-hooks for storage though.

And the roomba has free range over four over the five rooms now. I just have to get the junk off the floor in my old bedroom and clear up some projects in my craft corner and the roomba will be keeping my floors very clean.

A long time ago I made a list of how I wanted my life to be. It looks like several things on that list are happening all at once. And I don't even feel as if I'm trying. I'm just letting go and letting my goddess do Her thing.


sounds great- looking forward to meeting your new kitty on Sunday at noon :)
Are you keeping the old place on your own for now? Have you moved into my old bedroom?

I am glad things are improving for you.

I've been meaning to tell you.

It looks like you moving out was the best thing that could happen to either of us. Both of us seem to be flourishing.

Although I think it was also a question of timing. I don't think it would have been as good at another time.

Re: I've been meaning to tell you.

I guess we enabled each other too much. It's good to know we can each prod buttock on our own.
I personally detest stuff all over the place, but the b/f will just walk around stuff. I'd love to have a Roomba to keep the b/f from putting stuff all over the floor!


How good does the roomba work on carpets? Between me and the cat, my vacuum is always entwined with tons of hair that I have to cut out of the roller brush underneath. Do your cats attack it? Does it go easily from room to room even if there is a sharp turn?

Im debating on getting one now that we have a house but I dont want to waste my money cause they are pricey.

Re: Roomba

The roomba is good for daily maintenance. But I think it needs to be used in conjunction with a real vacuum cleaner. It doesn't deep clean and of course it can't do walls or crevices.

I still have to cut the cat hair out of the roller brush on a regular basis. But it is so small and light that that is very easy, And it comes with a special roller cleaning tool.

The cat's don't attack it. At first they hissed a couple of times. Now they just find a high place to sit and watch.

It bounces randomly so it has no problems with corners. It goes from room to room all by it's self. And it has rugged wheels so it can get from hardwood floors up to carpets and back down again. It also vacuums under beds and couches as easily as out in the open.

The big advantage is that you can "vacuum" every day. Because "vacuuming" means pushing a button and walking way. My rugs look 100% better and the cat hair is really kept down if you let the roomba run every day.
Hooray for the Goddess! I need to get some more things put away around my place this weekend.