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February 2018



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Ham & Potato Soup

I baked a ham yesterday.
I made Red-Eye Gravy too, out of the pan drippings. But I didn't taste as I made it and it was WAAAAAY to salty. Totally ruined the homemade biscuits I put it on. I had to throw it all away. I hate wasting food. Luckily biscuits and gravy are cheap, so it wasn't a big loss.

I packaged up the leftover ham for more meals.

Today was:

Ham & Potato Soup with Green Beans

1 Tbsp rendered ham fat
1 large onion
1lb cubed cooked ham (with bones)
1 (38oz) can of Potatoes and Green Beans
ground black pepper

I sauted one onion in some ham fat
Then I added some flour and the liquid from the canned Potatoes and Green beans
Then the ham with the ham bones.
I let that simmer for about an hour.
Then I chopped up the potatoes and added the potatoes and green beans to the soup and turned off the heat.
It was ready to serve in a few minutes, when the heat had redistributed.
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If something is too salty, esp a soup, tossing in a potato will take care of that in a big way.

Food 911

The soup was fine.

It was the gravy that was too salty. The only way I could see to fix that was to really thin it out. And I just don't need that much gravy.

I have enough food issues with out forcing myself to eat something I don't want just to save a few pennies.

It was really a good decision for me to throw it out.

Re: Food 911

"The soup was fine.
It was the gravy that was too salty."

I was saying that while this is a good principle, it is especially useful for soups. That is all.

I was providing a piece of info in case one does not wish to throw food out, or one has neither time nor supplies to start over. I was not challenging your decision to toss the lot, and it is my policy to Stay Far Away from peoples' food issues.
I miss biscuits and gravy...

...and potato soup...
I got your Christmas card yesterday.
Thank you.
I probably would have frozen the gravy to save it and to add (in small amounts, of course) to other things as a flavoring agent. Maybe a teaspoon or so in mac and cheese, or in mashed potatoes.

gravy as a flavoring agent

Yes, that just occurred to me, yesterday. Too late :-(