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February 2018



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Movie Night Again

Over the weekend I watched "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". I feel sorry for Sean Connery. he turned down "The Matrix" because he didn't understand it. he turned down "the Lord of the Rings" because he didn't understand it. And he took this because he didn't understand it but he thought he should stop using that as a reason to turn things down. But "TLoEG" is not as innovative as "The Matrix" and doesn't have the cult following of "LotR". I think "TLoEG" suffers from to many fight scenes. I fast forwarded through most of them. The director seems to have forgotten that every scene should move the plot forward. They had some really nice special effects teams and a really good fight coordinator and they just spent too much time admiring their own work. The parts between the fights were good though. Now I want to read the graphic novel.

Tonight I went over to B&K's . We watched two of K's movies "Definitely, Maybe" and "The Bridge to Tarabithia"

"Definitely, Maybe" was nice. I like "How I Met Your Mother" so I figured I would like this. I got a bit weepy toward the end but it was very engaging. Since it was partially about a father talking to his daughter about her mother, who he was divorcing, I'm glad it didn't end with the couple getting back together. That would be bad for children who's parents don't get back together. As it is, romance movies are bad for me because I'm single, but I'm an adult and I can take it.

"The Bridge to Tarabithia" was not as much of a fantasy as I expected and it was a three hanky tear jerker. Very nicely done.


You should have mentioned you were interested in reading The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I can lend you Volume 1, which the movie was loosely -- very loosely -- based on.

I think you'd like the book better than the movie. Have you ever found a movie adaptation of an Alan Moore comic that you felt was better than the book?
The graphic novel is sooooo much better than the movie. I agree with you about the fight scenes. There were too many. I also thought they had to do a lot of cinematic flimflam to disguise the fact that Sean Connery can't really do action hero stuff anymore. In the novel, Mina Murry is the leader, not the character Connery played. It was far and away more interesting.
In the extras they mentioned the deliberate irony of having a woman as the leader of the The League of Gentlemen.

I look forward to borrowing it from Bu.
See, that alone would have made it a better kick-ass movie. I thought Connery not strong enough to pull it together. Thought Mina a much more interesting character. The fight scenes you could almost hear someone saying "OK, there's that scene, lets set up for the next one while the actors fill in with dialog here."
"Bridge to Tarabithia" the book made me cry in grade school. Hence my sincere desire to NOT watch the movie.

That, and from the previews it looked like they were focusing on the fantasy aspects of Tarabitha, which were absolutely NOT in the book.