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August 2017



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Samorost (game) and Dinner w/the Seversons

Thanks to kenshardik I found that game that "Howl's Moving Castle" reminded me of.

Samorost Is really visually cool. Check it out.
Instructions: Use the cursor to find things to click on. Click on them until you can move to the next scene. They are sort of puzzles, you need to click on the right places in the right sequence in order for your character to move through the story. Clicking on the same place does not always produce the same results.

Sunday night bloodsong1 and I made an all pie dinner. We made Banana Cream Pie for desert and three Quiche for Dinner. I love experimenting in the kitchen. We had two hot dog quiche and one meatball. All with cheese and spinach. They were really very good. bloodsong1 is winning me over to fresh cooked baby spinach.


Hot dog quiche?

Yeah I know, ham is a common add on. Maybe it's just my long term vegetarianism asserting itself... but that combo just doesn't sound appealing to me.

I make a vegan quiche with tofu/nooch/tahini "egg" filling and rice crust loaded with red pepper, shallot, and mushrooms that is a lot of work but well worth the effort.
They were leftover Lil' Smokie type hotdogs, the kind you normally serve skewered with toothpicks and/or drowning in sauce.

The saltiness complemented the cheddar and spinach nicely, imo.

But I don't expect anyone else to try it. ^_^
I guess they would go well with cheddar and spinach. I can picture an omelette with said ingredients so I am not sure why I am so blocked on the idea of a hot dog quiche.