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January 2018



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The Manchurian Candidate and Dr Who

Monday's Dinner and a movie was "The Manchurian Candidate" (1962). It was more interesting than I remembered. It seems to me that Ben Marco, not Raymond Shaw is the protagonist of the story. Raymond is a lousy protagonist, he is passive and "unlovable". Marco being the lead also explains why Sinatra got the part. What does the protagonist want? He wants to find out what really happened to he platoon in Korea. Then, once he finds out that they were brainwashed by Communists he wants to foil the Communist plot. It's really straight forward when you look at it that way. What Raymond Shaw wants is to escape his mother. A much weirder plot. Apparently the book was much more explicit about the incest. Now I want to see the 2004 version which includes the incest angle but substitutes Corporations for Communists.

In Dr Who news: I was talking to B about how over 100 episodes of Classic Dr Who are missing so I can never see them, and even the existing ones have not all been released on DVD yet. He asked what episode were they up to, but the problem is that they aren't releasing them in order. I just watched the First Episode of the Third Dr Who (Spearhead From Space) But the final episode of the Second Dr Who (The War Games) will not be released until May of this year.


Whoa, I saw The Manchurian Candidate many years ago, and I had no idea there was incest involved. I suppose one of these days I should read the book.
The only hit of incest in the first movie was the creapy kiss the mother give Raymond when she is giving him her final orders.