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January 2018



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Project Update: Citrus Rinds, Pop-Ups, Cook Book, Eco Crafts

Back in January I talked about working on Pop-Ups and Clementine Boxes.

I made about 20 Clementine Boxes out of which about 4 had lids that still fit after they dried. The rest would be better described as Clementine Bowls. Interesting, but not the most rewarding project. I can see why the people who sell them use molds to shape them. I don't have anything to use as a mold right now. And speaking of mold, some of the rinds did start to mold as they were drying. I think soaking them in water with a bit of bleach is an important step.

I didn't get very far on the pop up project. I have a design for a birthday cake pop-up. And I can still crank out a very nice dove pop-up. I'm working on an elaborate colored fish pop-up now. I will post pictures when it is done. I need better papers. I'm using 100lb bristol right now but it is too brittle, the folds fray. Origami paper might be better.

I have been working on a cook book of family recipes (and doing a lot of recipe testing). That is coming along nicely. Today I made Grandma Tanner's meatballs and marinara sauce and took pictures. They are not great pictures though. I might have to go a different direction with decoration for the book.

I got all excited about making fairy houses, but I seem to be blocked at every turn. I made some bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter, and bird seed. I wish I had land of my own land where I could do these things.


Clementine boxes sound like they'd be difficult to make. Well, not everything works out, but at least you tried.

I love pop-ups. If Bristol is the drawing paper I've seen, then perhaps it's the texture that causes the fraying rather than the weight. Would a smooth cardstock be better? At any rate, I'll look forward to the photos.

I wish you luck with the fairy houses. :-)
Clementine boxes are not really difficult the way I made them. I just cut the tops off my clementines, removed the fruit and set aside the rind to dry. The commercial manufacturers soak them in water and bleach then turn them inside out and dry them over a cylindrical mold so the lids are slightly larger than the bases and slid down around them instead of matching, the way I did it. The commercial process produces a much more uniform result.

I learned a lot about paper in Printing class. Texture is just a finish on top of the paper. I doubt if that affects folding properties much, it mostly affects how the paper responds to ink. Things that affect folding are amount of pulp and clay content. I think less clay and more pulp would give a better fold.

I might be able to use my clementine bowls in my fairy houses.