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February 2018



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"Up" (2009)

Went to Binghamton today with B&K. We saw "Up" with the Seversons. It's been getting good reviews.

Before the main show there was a short called "Partly Cloudy" about clouds and storks delivering babies. It was wordless and very cute. I love Pixar's shorts.

"Up" was very good. I didn't cry, although I came close a few times and a few other people in our party cried. But it has a happy ending so that is all right.

In case you are living under a rock. "Up" is an animated movie about an old man who attaches balloons to his house and takes off with a young stow-away on board. They have an adventure and meet a talking dog and a giant bird.

B thought it escaped the Disney pattern of dead mothers because Russell, the boy, has a mother. It's Russell's father who is absent. But this is a story about father/son relations. Carl, the old man, has no children and he becomes a father to Russell. We only see Russell's mother once. and Carl's wife is dead. So, in the story mother figures are absent or dead.

I liked that Russell is an Asian American. I wasn't sure at first if he was or if they just made his eyes like that because he was so chubby, but his mother is clearly Asian. It's nice to see a main character who is not white.

The animation is so good in places it looks real.


UP was so good. :) I'm a little bummed that it wasn't an option in IMAX.

I'm 90% sure that Russell was Asian since his voice actor was a Japanese kid and Disney likes to make their characters look like the voice actors.

The short at the beginning was great. I wanted to hug the confused cloud so hard. <3