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February 2018



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Holiday Weekend

I had dinner with my parent's on Friday. My mom fried up some cod and I brought some homemade tabouli. We had a nice visit. They were invited to a party at a friend's house on the fourth so I spent the rest of the weekend with the Severson's.

Saturday Queenie took IDK raspberry picking while Wolf smoked a brisket in his new smoker. I brought down my ice cream maker and tried to make some ice creams for them but their freezer could not get the bowl cold enough to get a good consistency. That is a problem with this machine. It works fine in my house but now I know it won't work for everyone.

Sunday we went to a Severson family picnic. That was fun. The weather was pleasant, the food was good, and people were friendly. The kids got to play in a sprinkler.

Wolf had all of the 11th Doctor Who episodes so far. So, I watched those instead of sleeping at night. I'm enjoying the new Doctor. The season finale was a bit of a hard sell after the season finale of the 10th Doctor. The death of the 10th Doctor was heart rending. I was just not buying that the 11th Doctor was in real danger. I knew that he wasn't.

Today we saw "The Last Airbender" movie. Before the movie started Queenie and I discussed the fact that they have changed the pronunciation of the names from the TV show. I thought that was stupid. But people used their names so rarely during the movie that it didn't make much difference.

I didn't like the casting of Katara or Sokka, those actors were much too white, they should have been brown. Shaun Toub as Iroh, looked nothing like the Iroh of the cartoon but I thought he played the character very well. Noah Ringer as Aang looked very close to the way Aang looked in the cartoon. I was perfectly content with the rest of the cast. I like Aasif Mandvi as Admiral Zhao, it was nice to see him in a serious role.

The photography, the locations, the effects, the props, and costumes, all of it was beautiful.

The major problem was the script. The dialog was abysmal, and tended to long sections of exposition. I kept making rude gestures at the screen when people told us things we already knew, or there was a voiceover telling us what we were seeing.

Like the scene where the group arrives in the Northern Water Tribe City. We know they are heading to that city. We see the city. We see the group standing in front of a bunch of well dressed people sitting in very fancy chairs. We do not need a voiceover telling us: "We arrived in the Northern Water Tribe City, and were presented to the royal court". We see Sokka and Yue smiling at each other, we do not need a voiceover telling us "Sokka and Yue soon became friends." There was just too much exposition. Don't say it, show it.

I wanted to scream!

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice" with Nicolas Cage looks good.

Now I'm home. The cats are happy to see me.