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July 2017



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I'm Back from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

Having IDK here kept me off the computer. He is back with his parents now. So I can get some sleep. Then I will be back online.

I did get a lot of library filing done while he was here. And he helped me do some recycling and move a book shelf.

We saw "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" today. I thought it was quite nice. The plot is clear and simple. The characters are likable. The special effects look good. I had a fun time with no complaints. Well... we all agreed that "Prime Merlinian" was a stupid phrase that kept making us think of the "Prime Meridian". But that was the only complaint.

If you are looking for a fun Fantasy Action flick, with a happy ending and a few laughs, that looks good on the big screen, this is it.


It looks likes a lot of fun. I might go to see it. Another one I want to see is Inception.
I've heard a lot of good things about "Inception" But It seems like something I can watch on DVD.
It was very much fun!
I would not be surprised if "Inception" is a better movie than Apprentice. Apprentice is a light action movie. Inception sounds much darker and more complex. But Apprentice was good, for what it was.

It was predictable because it was a Disney action adventure. We knew our heroes would survive and triumph in the end. There was never any question about that. Like a roller coaster, you know where it is going and what will happen but it is still fun taking the ride.

I know what you mean about Jay Baruchel he is a bit of a dork for a leading man, and he never really rises above being a dork. But I found him likable because he is a good-hearted competent self sacrificing dork.

I have no intention of watching Salt. I can predict that it will be 100 minutes of anxiety in which I will worry about what will happen next despite the fact that I know she will triumph in the end. Inception will at least have some cool ideas and interesting special effects.