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February 2018



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Cogito Ergo Nom

Cheese, Soup, and Cake.

Song gave me a chunk of Isle of Kintyre Applesmoke Mature Cheddar It went straight to the top of my list of favorite cheeses. It has an interesting texture, breaking apart in shards when you cut it, but it melts on the tongue like pure cream. The smoke flavor is mild and the sharp is not too acidic. Would go great with a full bodied ale. I need to find more of it, and figure out what to pair it with. I melted it on some bread but that seemed a waste of a fine cheese. It tasted as if it would go well in a Welsh Rabbit or a fondue but I don't want to adulterate it that way. Maybe I just need to buy a loaf of Pain de Campagne for it.

It is soup season! I made a pot of Yellow Split Pea soup. Now I'm out of carrots. Need to go shopping before I can make more soup.

And I made my first roll cake this evening. It is a chocolate coffee roll. I didn't have the right pan but it seems to have worked out. My regular cookie sheets were the width and length, but the wrong depth. I built up the sides with parchment paper. The cake layer was a bit thicker that I expected even though I got the pan proportions right. Maybe I will use a bigger pan next time. Although my bigger pan has rounded corners.


cute lil icon in the righth cvorner ;)
I wish it was more legible. It's Cogito Ergo Nom from Questionable Content.

I wouldn't mind a "Baking is Science for Hungry People" icon too.
neat tshirt :)

Dammit now I'm hungry for cheese and great bread.