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October 2017



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I have made up my mind

When I told J about possibly going to Starwood he mentioned being able to afford it. I really can't afford it right now. Although in the past my parents has been willing to give me a scholarship and probably would again.

Then there is the camping, the heat, the rain, the walking in the hot sun...

Bu reminded me of my current motto "Only do what I want to do"

I don't want to go. If I went it would only be because I felt pressured. pressured by my fiends who want to see me. Pressured by the image I want to maintain of myself as a person who goes to clothing optional events. Pressured to maintain a tradition of going. Even when I don't want to.

So I'm not going.

I feel so much better it is like a weight is lifted from my shoulders. I don't have to go to Starwood I can stay home. I don't have to cram two weeks of work into three days.


Good for you!

While I will miss you, Im so glad you put your foot down on what your needs really are!

Enjoy the indoor plumming, the hot showers, no bugs, and the comfortable bed!!!
I sympathise entirely.

My SCA group co-operates an event every summer with another large group, called 'Warriors and Warlords' or, more commonly, 'dub-dub'. It's a large (1000 people) camping event in central Wis Con Sin.

I don't want to go, but there are several reasons, some political and some practical, that I should. So I am going, but on my own terms. I'm staying in a hotel (I don't particularly like camping), and only going for the Friday and Saturday. Beyond my specific obligations, I'm more or less refusing to take the event seriously and hope to spend a lot of it sprawled in a chair in some encampment or other schmoozing with my friends.

I am keeping my baby

I looked into whether or not the cabins were all sold out for Sirius Rising; they were.

I don't want to camp this Summer, either. Maybe next year I'll have the bug again.

Maybe we can just invite a bunch of naked people over to the Nest sometime.


Hey- if you woul be unhappy and not have fun what's the point in going? :)
Maybe you can visit the kitties for us while we're gone?
I think they'd like that *smile*
We'll miss you but we'll know you had a good time where you were.... so we won't feel bad....

Do you get to keep the vacation days for something else?

vacation days

I think I will take them in August when it is even hotter.
Then I can go swimming during the day.

Of course I could go swimming at night and got to work in the air conditioning during the day.

I had no idea you didn't WANT to go...I would have supported you staying home right off the bat. My life is so hectic I only get to skim friend's entries once or twice a week (and that's alot of skimming) so I miss things.

You will be missed, of course...but I wouldn't want you to go if you wouldn't have a good time, or were against your will.

Want me to do anything for you while I'm there? Energy raising? A couple of O's in the roundhouse?

And that's the CUTEST icon I've seen for just about ever.


I didn't enjoy myself last year.

I'm a firm believer in will. If I went it would be because I willed it so. Sometimes I will things for bad reasons though.

I used to enjoy Starwood. I hope I find something I enjoy as much.

I'm thinking of going to Panthea.

I'm glad you like the Icon I have abunch now. I have named them after the enotions they display. The smiling kitten I call Happiness. The owl on this message I call The Look
Awwww... you'll certainly be missed hon. I've got a feeeling we'll be envious of the air conditioning you'll be in though. ;) You'll be with us in sprit...