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February 2018



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Bank Kerfuffle update and SNAP shopping!

I made several calls back and forth to the bank and my landlord's secretary.
The bank says the check was deposited on the 2nd so they processed it then, talk to my landlord.
The secretary says they deposited after 2:30pm it was supposed to be processed the next day, talk to the bank.
The bank says anything deposited before 6pm is processed that day, talk to your landlord.
The secretary says "But there was a sign! Ok I will talk to the landlady and get back to you."

I called the bank and asked to speak to a manager. I explained that both my landlord and I had acted in good faith and wouldn't make the same mistakes again. Apparently part of the problem is that my landlord and I use the same bank, if another bank had been involved this probably would not have happened. She volunteered to refund the fee. So all's well that ends well.

But keep in mind that dates on checks have no legal standing. The bank didn't have to refund the overdraft fee.

After all that I went swimming with my friend Anne. Then shopping at Wegmans.

Wegmans has spiral sliced hams for $1.99/lb and pork shoulders for $1.29/lb. The nice man in the meat department sliced the pork into steaks for me. I bought a bell pepper ($.92) and some pineapple so I can make sweet and sour pork, and I may make spiedies and pork satey as well.

While wandering in the seasonal section I found some great deals on discount Christmas candy. The Kahlua filled chocolates that were $12.99 before Christmas were $2.99! and boxes of Marzipan that were too expensive to buy before Christmas were $.99! (I remember looking at them and sighing, although I don't remember the cost) I love marzipan! There were some other candies that were less than $1/lb. The discount seasonal section at Wegmans is amazing right now. (SNAP will not pay for the Kahlua candies because they contain alcohol. But they will pay for Marzipan. Almonds and sugar are both food, and almonds cost $7.99/lb this marzipan is great deal on almond paste)

I also got some fresh green beans $1.99/lb, English cucumbers $1.33/ea, oranges $.88/lb, milk $1.91/hf gal, yogurt $.42/ea, canned tuna $.96/ea, and several bags of dried beans to make soups with my ham. They seemed to be out of celery for some reason. And I should probably have bought some lettuce for sandwiches, and some onions, and cauliflower, and more lentils to grow some sprouts. I like lentil sprouts. Beans were $1.49-$1.79/lb. I checked on peanut butter and Wegmans brand is $1.69 for 18oz, which is cheaper than most meats per lb. Once I pick up some celery my pantry will be stocked again.

I also got several Wegmans employees to go looking for Szechuan peppercorns, which they didn't have, and Gumbo file powder, which they did have. Maybe I will make Gumbo later this month.