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January 2018



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Much more active now

I have not been eating well the past couple of days because I didn't have anything made. Last night I made a big pot of potato and vegetable soup with kielbasa. It is pretty good.

I have very weak nails. They are always chipping and cracking. I have been drinking gelatin to strengthen them. But that might not help. I read on the internet that nail polish might help so I'm trying that. Right now my fingernails are a combination of deep purple and hot pink. I'm pretty hard on my nails. It's hard to keep nail polish on when I keep using my nails to scrape things.

Marilyn is back from her trip to Greece so we had book group today.

There are still a lot of things I need to do around the house.


My nails tear when they start to get long. I think all the protein I eat goes to my toenails.
The gelatin thing doesn't work, old wives tale. Keep them short, gently trim them and file them when you get a break, and polish them. I have the same problem.
On the nails, massaging some kind of beneficial oil into the nail and cuticle EVERY night before bed, and during the day too, whenever you have a mo-an old trick from my EMT days, hands constantly being washed or stuck in latex gloves. And polish, just don't remove it frequently. I also noticed a HUGE improvement in the strength of my nails when I started taking therapeutic Vitamin D.
Yeah, the internet said keep them hydrated or moisturized. The nail polish is supposed to keep them from drying out. I'll see about Vit D. I do a lot of Vit C right now.