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February 2018



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Make Magic

Pho 2

Last weekend was Imbolc so I was down at Barb's as usual. It felt like a shorter event than in the past.

I brought five kinds of Rye bread and two kinds of of liverwurst. I've been researching rye bread and pumpernickel and wanted to share what I had learned. American Rye bread is rye and caraway flavored wheat bread. American pumpernickel is just American rye with caramel color dye. Real German pumpernickel is made with NO wheat flour and whole rye berries. It doesn't rise at all and it turns brown from caramelization due to it's long cooking time, it's baked for over 12 hours. It tastes great with liverwurst.

I went back to Saigon Kitchen again today. This time with Anne and Marilyn.

There was a young man sitting all alone at the table next to us so I invited him to scoot over and join us. I know I hate eating alone. His name is Eric and he is a Biochemistry student at Cornell and eats at the Saigon Kitchen often.

Marilyn and Anne had the beef pho without the tendon, even though I assured them the tendon was the best part. I ordered the Imperial meat rolls, they were deep fried sausages. Anne had a mango smoothie with tapioca bubbles and I ordered a pot of tea. I ordered the chicken pho. It was good but I liked the beef pho better. I'm looking into making Pho at home.

After lunch I went grocery shopping. It is the beginning of the month so I had to restock my pantry. I still need to pick up a few more things. When I got home the new downstairs neighbors helped carry my groceries up the stairs. They are very friendly. I hope they stay longer then the previous tenants. I'm thinking of making them some cookies as a thank you.


I take it Barb's was uneventful?
I see what you did there.

But yes, nothing unusual happened. Unless you count ritual starting before 10pm as unusual.

Twist was there. I haven't seen her in a while. Josh and Kenny were there. I spent a lot of time with Josh. Sarah and Ruthann were there. Heather and Eric, Craig and Tracy, Rob, Bu and Kaaren.

It was Song's SNB's first time meeting a lot of these people. They liked him.

*blows on nails*

You're welcome.