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February 2018



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It was a very productive weekend (Holy Clothing and Bacon Cheddar Apple Pie)

Thursday was book group, which went very well. I made bread pudding. Afterward I had to do some shopping then I came home and had to finish sewing panels into a skirt I'm altering. So I didn't head down to Binghamton til 9:30. Song asked me to come down Thursday night so I could watch the kids while she was at work on Friday. But, as it turned out, her temp job ended Thursday and there was no need for me to hurry. Ah well. She got me a box of fancy chocolate truffles from Tom's Coffee Cards and Gifts, which was nice since that was the only valentines gift I got.

Friday The Cuteness got me to make Cinnamon Scones for breakfast. Then I started my project of washing all my Holy Clothing shirts so they would no longer run and dye my other clothes. They had to be double washed, first in hot water with salt then in cold water with soap. While I was washing the blacks and blues I started dying the white skirt I wanted to turn green. Song took some great pictures of The Cuteness stirring the dye pot. Friday I also made lentil soup for dinner with the leftover ham bone from Imbolc. After dinner IDK asked me to help him make sugar cookies. That was a bit stressful since it involved using Song's electric hand mixer, which I despise. But the sugar cookies were quite pleasant.

Saturday I continued the clothes washing project. But I also made two Bacon Cheddar Apples Pies. I also took a shower and washed my regular laundry. sammisnake came over to visit looking quite fetching with her new haircut. After she left I took a nap. SNB made oven fried chicken from my family cookbook while I slept. It was still in the oven when I woke up so I dug out the probe thermometer to check how the chicken was coming along. SNB was amazed that the device he had been using as a kitchen timer for the past four months had a thermometer attachment. We had wine with dinner, which knocked Song out for the rest of the evening. SNB and I stayed up and chatted while I cleaned up my craft corner of the dining room. I found my bottle cutting supplies and successfully cut two bottles!

Sunday I wanted to iron my Holy Clothing shirts and cut cloth for my shirt altering projects. But Song couldn't find the iron. I thought about taking the clothes out to my car and bringing in more bottles to cut, but that seemed like too much work. Which is the point where I realized that I had reached my limit of productivity for the weekend. I did nothing on Sunday but sleep, and watch TV on the couch with Song. Three days is really my limit for being away from home.

Monday I got up late, ate breakfast, and drove home. When I got home I slept some more.

I still need some more sleep. But I'm home.


The pies were simply scrumptious! I found when eating them after they had been refrigerated, the bacon lost it's lovely crisp texture and got kind of fatty-slimey. So I took the bacon topping off and popped it in the microwave for about 30 seconds until it was hot and crisp again. It is a wonderful pie, and I am now working on a savory casserole using those flavors, rather than a dessert. I will let you know how it turns out! Another friend of mine just posted her sliced-apple-smoked Gouda griled sandwich, and I am going to try that, and experiment with briefly grilling the apple slices before adding them to the sandwich. I have some Yancy's Smoked Gouda with Bacon cheese to use.....
That sounds wonderful.