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January 2018



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Eating Out, Dining in.

I had a nice weekend. B took me out to lunch on Friday. We went to Garcia's and had our usual pleasant lunch specials. I'm surprised more people don't eat at Garcia's. They serve authentic Mexican food at reasonable prices.

On Saturday B took me to Taste of Thai Express because I haven't been there since Song's tattoo. I had the Kai Kua, which was surprisingly bland. I wonder if my taste is changing and I just need more heat. I used to love the Kai Kua. I also had the Chocolate Loving Spooncake which claims to contain chocolate mousse but seemed to be made out of chocolate fudge. It was very dense and heavy. Ah well I must be getting old.

On Sunday I offered to drive B to Trumansburg for lunch and his Morris dancing practice. Unfortunately I was late and he decide we didn't have time for both so we stayed in town and had lunch. I feel bad about that I was trying to do something nice for him. But we did have the buffet lunch at Sangam Indian Cuisine in collage town.

I have been doing some sewing. I altered one shirt, although I need to alter it some more. I crocheted trim onto a neckline! That is so cool. I need to look into embroidery for fixing holes.

Now I have a pot of navy bean soup simmering on the hob. It smells wonderful. It's the end of the month and I'm not short of produce or staples. I think I will be able to budget my grocery spending next month and not have to buy a bunch of stuff on the 1st in a orgy of desperation.