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August 2017



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I really mean well...

So, Saturday I went to the store and picked some things: milk, a rotisserie chicken, a box of spring mix greens, oranges, and bananas. Dinner was rotisserie chicken with rolls and salad, I found some caesar dressing in the fridge. After dinner Pat and Larry came by with an apple pie. After they left I started the Navy Beans soaking for soup. I was very tired and my knees hurt so much I went to bed early.

Sunday I got up at 7am and made coffee for dad. I had Irish soda bread (with caraway seeds) for breakfast, dad had Cream of Wheat cereal and took his pills. (I have been doing very well on the pills. We have not missed once!) I started the Navy Bean soup cooking with the ham bone I found in the downstairs freezer. We both took naps, Then Pat dropped by and turned all our clocks forward because we had forgotten about that. Dad and I had Liverwurst and Rye Bread for lunch. Pat also brought in the Sunday papers and put away the garbage cans that had gotten knocked over in the driveway. I put away the navy bean soup. For dinner I made 3-Cups Chicken, Brown Rice, and salad with avocado and red bell peppers marinated in homemade vinaigrette. I was quite pleased that I got everything to the table at the right temp and a reasonable time. I was feeling very good about how well I was doing until dad had trouble getting the TV to work. (You should be able to get the cable to play to the TV without turning on every single device on that side of the living room! Whatever happened to point and click!) I snapped at dad a bit, ate a piece of apple pie in anger, and decided to go down stairs and cool off. That is when I found out the internet was not working either! I went to bed at 8pm and stayed there til 7 on Monday.

Monday, this morning, I got up at 7am and made coffee for dad and baked a loaf of Beer Bread. But I was not feeling as cheerful as I had the day before. After breakfast (and pills) I went back downstairs for my morning nap and Mary Jo dropped by to offer us some coupons so we could eat out. We have plenty of food in the house and I think taking dad out to eat would be more hassle for me than cooking here. Although, I'm beginning to consider ordering some take out. We have been having some ants problems on the second floor so I talked to Mary Jo about putting down some ant poison. She is a very competent and helpful person. For lunch we had Navy bean soup with homemade Beer Bread. Dad had three bowls. Whoot! For dinner I made stuffed red bell peppers, mushroom mousse, and green salad with homemade vinaigrette. Dad almost got away with not taking his antibiotic, but I found it and insisted. We have taken all our medications, even changing the Dad's patch once a day. But I didn't bring in the mail or the paper today. Mary Jo will probably get it tomorrow. Dad kept tying the kitchen garbage bag closed today so that "someone" could take it out. Well that someone isn't going to be me. I'm tired and my knees hurt.

Based on the pain scale I mentioned before I would rate my knee pain as between a 2 and a 3. Somewhere between "I probably just need a Band Aid" and "This is distressing. I don't want this to be happening to me at all." I whimper occasionally and I have been taking more Naproxen Sodium than I usually do.

After dinner I had to help dad get the TV to work again. Then I went to the 3rd floor to look for the router. Mom's computer (on the 2nd fl) said the router needed to be turned off and on again for the internet to comeback. At least that was more helpful that dad's computer (on the 1st fl), it told me to call my service provider. Anyway, I couldn't find the router on the 3rd fl (where it used to be). I couldn't find the router on the 2nd fl (where the TV cable comes into the house). I eventually found it next to dad's computer on the 1st fl. Which means I could have fixed it yesterday if I'd known it was there! Aurgh!

I haven't even started on my sewing projects. It's just: go upstairs and prepare a meal, go downstairs and sleep, go upstairs and prepare a meal, go downstairs and sleep, etc. The dishes are washed, the medications are taken. I don't think I can do any more than I am doing.

In addition to the knee pain that is making it difficult for me to stand and walk I'm also having lower back pain and, for some reason, a pain in my left shoulder. The lower back pain might be from all the standing and walking or it might be from the unfamiliar bed.

I think I will take up drinking. That might help with the pain. I had ice cream with Bailey's Irish Cream for dessert tonight. That was nice.