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February 2018



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A week of eating out comes to an end

I really haven't had to cook for most of last week. Rauncie sent me home from REAF with a couple of bags of food and my friends have been taking me out to eat almost every day.

J and B took me out to Spicy Asian Saturday night. And Friendly's Sunday morning.

I've been working my way through the Szechuan menu at Spicy Asian. So far I have tried:
Spiced Corned Egg - a hard boiled egg that has been soaked in flavored broth
Zhong Dumpling(6) - steamed pot stickers served in a bowl of hot pepper oil
Rice Cake, Any Style - "rice cake" is a kind of rice paste sliced into rounds and used in place of noodles in any dish
Braised Lamb In Hot Pot - chopped lamb with lots of skin and bone pieces served with broth and boiled turnips
Sizzling Beef Short Ribs- Thinly sliced beef with little bits of bone served on a hot iron skillet with lots of vegetables.
Beef Tripe Hot Pepper Sauce - I don't think this was actually tripe. it looked more like beef with a lot of tendon, sliced paper thin and served cold with hot pepper sauce. All I could taste with the heat of the pepper sauce.

Some of the dishes have been a bit too hot for me but they are all good. I've been enjoying trying new things.

Today was the first day I have had to cook myself in a while. I made Buttered Parsnips and Chicken Curry. Parsnips are wonderful! Why don't people eat parsnips more often?



I love parsnips too. Great with a touch of soy sauce. :)
They certainly seem to be quite pricey lately, and the quality I have often found to be unreliable. Personally, I think that they are suffering from the effects of climate change more than many other vegetables...missing the long, cool springs and wet, cool summers. I grew up on parsnips grown in our heavy, acrid clay soil, which gives them a rank taste, and they were usually cooked with similarly flavored turnips and rutabagas. It wasn't until the Beloved's family introduced me to parsnips grown in a properly base soil that I knew how good they could taste!

I find cooked turnips watery and strange. I prefer them raw with salt.

Rutabagas on the other hand make a great low-carb mashed potato substitute, except that they are so much more expensive than potatoes.

I still want to Thai you down

..but it's going to have to wait till I'm out of the hospital and have got this gastric thing under control. Glad it was a happy week!

Re: I still want to Thai you down

Oh dear, oh dear! I hope you are feeling better soon. {{{HUGS}}}

I look forward to you Thai-ing me down ;)