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January 2018



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Finally got some cooking done.

I baked all my sweet potatoes.

I made a huge pan of stuffing out of my frozen bread ends, onions, celery, walnuts, water chestnuts, eggs, milk, butter, salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning. I use walnuts and water chestnuts because I love a bit of crunch in my stuffing. I use eggs and milk because I think of stuffing as a savory bread pudding. It's vegetarian but the eggs give it protein. With enough celery and onions it's practically a casserole.

The Turkey Porchetta is 'curing' in the refrigerator. Both breasts off of a 15-16 lb turkey, spiced, rolled, and sewn into their own skin, will fit in a 1 gal ziplock bag. It is very difficult to tie up two turkey breasts wrapped in their own skin. It is both greasy and slimy. I ended up stitching the skin closed with my biggest upholstery (apoultry?) needle. That was much easier. Must remember that for future reference. Also, I cut the breasts off the bone without removing the skin, because I thought it would make wrapping the breasts in the skin afterward easier. It didn't. I had to remove the skin to turn it because didn't work otherwise. Next time just take the skin off first. The spicing I used was mostly commercial poultry seasoning, with a generous addition of my own Yankee Dry Rub, and a dash of additional salt. The extra salt was probably unnecessary but the recipe said that the salt help the flavor penetrate the meat.

The back and wings are currently roasting after a liberal dusting of Yankee Dry Rub. I don't think it is possible to use too much Yankee Dry Rub. It doesn't have enough salt or heat to do any harm.

The legs, thighs, and breastbone are marinating in a bag of fish sauce and Yankee Dry Rub.
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