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February 2018



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Wegmans Pharmacy for the Win!

When I went to fill my pill boxes last night I discover that my bottle of Diovan was missing. I looked all over but it isn't in my pill bag and I couldn't find it. Maybe it fell out and the cats batted it under the couch, I don't know. But I don't have any Diovan.

Now Diovan is a blood pressure medication so I won't die if I stop taking it for a couple of days, and there is no ramp up or ramp down problem. So this isn't a life or death situation. Although I'm sure my doctor has prescribed it for a reason and would prefer I didn't skip it.

I know from past experience that my insurance (Medicare/Medicaid) will only pay for one order per prescription per 30 days. That means I can't get my refill filled early. But I had heard that pharmacies can sometimes tide you over if something happens so I went to talk to my pharmacy which is in Wegmans.

I explained the problem and the young woman at the counter looked up my information in the computer. She said my insurance wouldn't pay for more pills until the time limit had passed but she could give me five pills at market price, that I would have to pay for, to tide me over til then. The cost to me would be $36. Well, that is not too bad. If it had been $100 I would have passed and gone without my medication until the insurance could pay for it. But since it was only $36 that wasn't too bad. She said she would look into other other options. I told her that as long as $36 was the highest I would have to pay she should place the order and I would come back and pick it up in a couple of hours. If it turned out to cost less I would be happy, but if it was $36 for 5 pills I would still take it.

When I came back it was a full proscription for $3.60. Yay! She got me the best deal, she got my insurance to pay for the refill.


Huzzah! I get calls from our local Wegmans, they are very nice.