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August 2017



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宮保雞丁 Kung Po Chicken Szechuan Style

It's the beginning of the month and I wanted to eat at Spicy Asian. Anne and Marilyn were not interested in joining me for lunch today, and I know from previous experience that B does not like Spicy Asian. So I had to go it alone. I don't really like eating alone in restaurants. If I wanted to eat alone I would eat at home. But I think restaurant food is usually better in the restaurant than it is lukewarm in plastic containers.

I ordered the 宮保雞丁 Kung Po Chicken Szechuan Style. Kung Po Chicken is a spicy dish to start with. This version came with a handful of dried red peppers thrown in. I ordered it because I have decided to eat more spicy food to increase my tolerance. But even so I had no intention of eating the red peppers. It was enough for me that they were in the dish to start with. When I started picking out the peppers and piling them on the side both waitresses and the owner came by to ask me if everything was OK. Since none of them speak much English it was difficult to explain that I was happy with the food even through I had a pile of peppers on my plate. I mixed in the dish of rice that came with it but it was still too hot for me to finish. I had them box it up for me to take home. I will finish it for dinner.

The almond flavored bubble tea with tapioca pearls is very good.

I am still determined to try more spicy food.