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February 2017



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Back from the 5th annual Rochester Erotic Arts Festival (REAF)

I have been to every REAF and it just keeps getting better, more venders, more performers, more people.

In the past I have been at the info desk, but this year the info desk had high stools and was also a coat check, so they put me at the Erotic Playground Party table. I was basically selling raffle tickets and telling people about the party. My table was between the pole dancers (Tangents Pole Dancing Classes) and a table of women who do housecleaning in french maid's outfits (Maid for Men). Right next to the main stage so I got to see the performers this year.

The pole dancers were amazing. The amount of strength needed to do some of those routines was really very surprising. And I got to see all the Aerial Arts of Rochester performances. And there were traditional belly dancers, and some modern Urban Primitive belly dancers, burlesque performers, a cappella singers, folk singers, poets and authors doing readings.

And lots of people just wandering around in cool outfits. There was a woman with blue hair and great big curly black horns who looked just amazing, and a cute petite woman in a floor length steam-punk skirt and corset. There were lots of corsets. And lots of men in kilts. One man looked like Conan the Barbarian. He had long hair, and he was wearing a tan Utilikilt with fur trim, and a claw necklace.

I spent most of my time telling people how much I liked their outfits. I try to be totally honest with people. It isn't hard to find something nice to say while still being sincere. My main job at the festival is to be cheerful and pleasant to people and I take that job very seriously.


I miss a lovely Zahde smile and laugh.
Aw. Thank you.
You should come down and visit sometime. I enjoy your visits.