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October 2017



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Third and Forth Steps

I got a call back from the billing department at Guthrie. Medicare will pay for 80% of the expenses associated with Bariatric Surgery. But they insist on six months of non-surgical weight loss before the surgery. I was expecting to be put on a diet before the surgery. I had read that a goal of 10-20% of the target weight loss was expected before surgery. The woman I spoke to said she didn't know anything about that, they just want to be sure that I can stick to a food plan before they cut me open.

Unfortunately they have no openings with their diet specialist until August. They said I could work with someone else as long as they were willing to fill out the paperwork. In 2011-2012 I took some classes at the Cayuga Center for Healthy Living. They have nurses and dietitians and they do this sort of thing for the Cayuga Medical bariatric program. So I called them and will see about getting started. I'm familiar with them so I can just print out the journal I designed for tracking my progress when I was taking the class from them. The class did not focus on weight loss so I'm expecting some new instructions in that area.

My CSA starts on June 12 so I will have plenty of fresh vegetables for my new diet. Although that may be a problem if they put me on a meal replacement diet.

In other insurance news, the woman from Guthrie said I didn't have Medicaid anymore. This was a surprise to me so I called Medicaid to find out what is up with that. Apparently I make $2/month too much, so I have to write Medicaid a check for $12 every six months if I want to keep my Medicaid coverage. I will take care of that tomorrow. And put a reminder somewhere to give them another check every six months. Remembering to do it will be more difficult than coming up with the $12. I asked if they could just deduct it from my monthly disability check but apparently that isn't an option.



You will LOVE the CSA. All the happy veggie deliciousness! We will have to discuss recipes.

I love you, Dahling!
The levels they mandate for being able to get medicaid is crazy low. And several people I know who would like to work and get off assistance can't do it, since the first thing they will do after taking their money away is take their health care, and way too many jobs do not offer health care.