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January 2018



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Test your movie trivia knowledge.

So, B posted a bunch of these tweets to #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly originally from Here

The object of the game is to explain a film plot badly and see if people can still guess which movie it is. I am going to post my answers (if I know them) white on white so you can see them if you want.

I have also added numbers to help in discussion. (Gracious Goddess! B there are 82 of them no wonder no one replied to your post.)

1. An archeologist fails to get an important religious artifact into a museum. -- John Scalzi
Raiders of the Lost Ark

2. A rambunctious extraterrestrial plays hide-and-seek with the exasperated crew of a starship -- John Scalzi
"Alien" or "Dark Star"

3. A woman chooses never to be hungry again. -- John Scalzi
Gone with the Wind

4. Sam plays it again. -- John Scalzi

5. She comes with him because she wants to live. -- John Scalzi

6. An attempt at a nautical speed record is hampered by polar detritus. -- John Scalzi

7. The rainbow connection, and employment, are sought. -- John Scalzi
The Muppet Movie

8. The budding relationship between a young girl and her unexpected visitor is threatened by a pair of meddling priests. -- John Scalzi
The Exorcist

9. A salty sea captain and his mismatched crew are confronted with the desirability of a larger vessel. Also, fishing. -- John Scalzi

10. An angry orphan wears black and hits people. -- John Scalzi

11. An old man lurks at a high school, reveals his troubling skin condition to a new student. -- John Scalzi
"Twilight" or "Nightmare on Elm Street"

12. In a bid for cash, discredited academics concoct a scheme to evict Manhattan's oldest residents. -- John Scalzi

13. A man does not kill his wife. A government agent, properly, does not care. -- John Scalzi
The Fugitive

14. Hopeful visitors to Manhattan are brutalized by government contractors. -- John Scalzi
"Men in Black" or "The Avengers"

15. On a visit to a new planet, scientists suck at science so much that they deserve to die, and do. -- John Scalzi

16. Terry Gilliam makes a film that infuriates the people who gave him the money to make it. -- John Scalzi
"Lost in La Manchia" or All of Terry Gilliam's films.

17. Unexpected penis. -- John Scalzi
"The Crying Game", also "The Watchmen" and "The End of the World"

18. Giant Smurfs are championed by Virtual Combat Smurf.-- Teh Gerg

19. Pasta-eating pooches overcome all obstacles. -- Teh Gerg
Lady and the Tramp

20. Two people move to New York, become intimate. -- Teh Gerg
When Harry Met Sally

21. Visitors come, cause problems, get shot down. -- Teh Gerg
"Independence Day" or "The Avengers"

22. A young man gets bitten by an insect and fights his friend's father. -- D.T. Nova

23. Someone whose aunt and uncle were just murdered runs off with an old man he just met, and never mentions them again. -- D.T. Nova
Star Wars

24. Evil police car with cop hologram fails to actually use his disguise sensibly -- D.T. Nova

25. Two orphans run away and starve to death. -- D.T. Nova
Grave of the Fireflies

26. A boy rides his mother to please his father. And then everyone turns to tang. -- D.T. Nova

27. Young girl must choose between bestiality or necrophilia. -- GaryG
Twilight: New Moon

28. Music lover finds you can't go Home again. -- Jack Lint

29. Child has a happy dream in which she murders two women and exposes a fraud.-- Matt W
Wizard of Oz

30. After a business venture goes badly, two men find a novel use for farm equipment. -- Matt W

31. An army nurse discovers her patient is a traitor and kills him. -- Matt W
The English Patient

32. One professional instructs his protege to take dessert after a job. -- Matt W
The Godfather

33. A soldier takes a boat ride and meets quirky people on his way to visit a superior officer.-- BW
Apocalypse Now

34. A classical pianist learns to love jazz in post war Italy. -- BW
The Talented Mr. Ripley

35. A man's future depends on his choice of medication. -- BW
The Matrix

36. A bomb has an existential crisis.-- Blaise Pascal
Dark Star

37. Young woman searches for her lost sister; what she finds chills her to the heart. -- Xopher Halftongue

38. Creepy Bearded guy hears voices, breaks all ten commandments. -- Xopher Halftongue
"The Ten Commandments"

39. Young woman, on rebound from much older guy, hooks up with Jacob only to see him become Esau. -- Xopher Halftongue
Twilight: New Moon

40. Most people are dead, so the Second Coming fights the Antichrist until you doze off in your seat. -- Xopher Halftongue

41. A bunch of people fight, lose everything, die, and reincarnate over and over until they reform, win, or settle down. -- Xopher Halftongue
"Cloud Atlas" or "The Fountain"

42. A woman with a pet wolf and a man with a pet hawk can't get together until they get rid of their pets. -- Xopher Halftongue

43. Man tricks his ex, gets her to agree to leave her husband, then puts her on the next flight out. -- Xopher Halftongue
44. Most people use only 10% of their brain. She's NO THEY DON'T SHUT UP YOU FUCKING IDIOT!-- Xopher Halftongue
Lucy (2014)

45. Geeky young man lets his garden get out of control, kills local dentist, marries the girl of his dreams. -- Xopher Halftongue
Little Shop of Horrors

46. Cadfael tries to kill a woman twice; succeeds the first time but not the second. -- Xopher Halftongue
Dead Again

47. Amnesiac cannibal kills and partially eats man, then romances the dead guy's girlfriend. It's a romantic comedy. -- Xopher Halftongue
Warm Bodies

48. Local Businessman offers irresistible deals to his competitors. -- Matt W (alternate clue for the professional and dessert clue)
The Godfather

49. Institutionalized after her arsons claim several lives, a young girl murders most of the staff and escapes. -- Xopher Halftongue

50. A young boy from a screwed-up home ends up at an even more screwed-up school. -- Grace
Harry Potter

51. A man disappears, is assumed dead, reappears under a different man's identity, gets into several fights over a girl, gets captured, dies, and comes back. -- Grace

52. A young girl from an abusive home takes her frustrations out on her school principal. -- Grace

53. A young girl makes an enemy of a wicked witch and runs to a cowardly wizard for help. She also makes friends with a dog and a scarecrow. (Hint: it's not The Wizard of Oz) -- Grace
Howl's Moving Castle

54. Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets, then teams up with others to kill again. -- znepj, quoting "the canonical example of this game"
The Wizard of Oz

55. A sailor learns to love singing as much as he loves having sex. -- fancycwabs

56. a young man from the country enters a life of crime on the high seas, then poisons a man to win his true love. -- Greg
The Princess Bride

57. Long, uncomfortable shots of John Travolta walking. -- Brenna
Saturday Night Fever

58. Young Man is Canadian, fights some people. -- Brenna

59. Two Chicago men pay back taxes. -- Bruce
The Blues Brothers

60. Foundling is adopted by kindly sovereign, wreaks havoc when kingdom is given to his step-brother. -- allison
The Avengers

61. Musician is duped by two strangers, doesn't see his family for several years. -- allison

62. A man and his son make the best of an unexpected visit to wartime Germany. -- allison
Life Is Beautiful

63. Love leads a man to give his umbrella to a police officer during a torrential storm. -- allison
Singing in the Rain

64. Children go looking for buried treasure while running away from a Scottish indie band -- Brenna
The Goonies

65. A stranded visitor is befriended by a dis-functional family. -- dana1119

66. A bunch of sweaty guys play volleyball. Oh, and planes too. -- Ken Hargrove
Top Gun

67. A young man is recruited to play video games for high stakes. -- dana1119
"Ender's Game" or "The Last Starfighter"

68. A preacher's sons go fishing. -- dana1119
A River Runs Through It

69. Old man takes child across border without parents' permission, before luring elderly academic to his death and stealing his vehicle. -- Phoenician in a time of Romans

70. High school principal encourages gang to beat up Holocaust survivor. -- Phoenician in a time of Romans

71. Quiet ethnic type kills brain damaged rapist, and escapes. -- Phoenician in a time of Romans
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

72. Due to mistaken identity, innocent man executed for religious reasons. -- Phoenician in a time of Romans
Monty Python's Life of Brian

73. Clown attempts to teach morose billionaire lessons about smiling at life. -- Phoenician in a time of Romans
"The Dark Knight" or "The Toy"

74. Disc jockey plays same song every day until it snows. -- Greg
Groundhog's Day

75. General contractor bribes homeless man to commit vandalism -- Greg

76. In an isolated utopian community, dissident citizens and defective children are exiled to barren snowy wastes inhabited by giant monsters. -- Beth
Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer

77. Woman scientist's boss steals credit for her work. After he dies, she goes to see her dad -- Xopher Halftongue

78. Heir to business empire discovers that secret to prior success included undocumented workers and extremely unsafe working conditions. -- Greg
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

79. A sloppy DA and incompetent sheriff get schooled by a woman and her hack lawyer boyfriend from New York -- Laughing Earth
My Cousin Vinny

80. Family feud leads to regime change. Many construction workers die, and an impending ecological disaster is set in motion. -- Steve L
Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

81. What's the under/Oveur on whether the fish was bad? Shirley it was. -- Steve L

82. Mysterious yet kind old man dies, then war veteran exposes government genetic experiment gone wrong while another experiment opens a can of whoop-ass on the results of the first experiment. -- Steve L
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I know Number 24!!


80 MIGHT be Hamlet.

I have not seen a lot of movies.

Re: I know Number 24!!

I'm fairly sure 80 is "Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi"

81 is "Airplane!"

Re: I know Number 24!!

I couldn't figure those two out. But I have to agree with your answers.

#80 because they blow up the new Death Star while it is still under construction and there was a whole conversation in "Clerks" about how that meant that many innocent construction workers died.

And #81 because they do all those homophone jokes under/Oeuvre/over, surely/Shirley.

Re: I know Number 24!!

Thanks. I couldn't figure that one out. But I vaguely remember the evil police car with the cop hologram now that you mention it.
46 sounds like Dead Again to me...
Thank you. I think you are right.
57 is "Saturday Night Fever." I think 68 is "A River Runs Through It."
I'll take your word for it. I haven't seen either movie.
#82 might be the first Captain America movie.
Who was the Mysterious yet kind old man who dies in the beginning?
Dr. Abraham Erskine, who invented the Super Soldier serum. Granted, he's a good deal more kind than mysterious. Otherwise, I am at a loss.
Fair enough. I don't have a better suggestion.

I was thinking it might be one of the X-Men movies with Wolverine, but I haven't seen most of them so I don't know.