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January 2018



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I Just Tried Gefilte Fish

I have always been afraid to try Gefilte Fish mostly because of the horrible things I have heard about Lutefisk, a totally different prepared fish lump.

But then I watched this video of Goyim eating Jewish food, by Buzzfeed.
The Jewish Food Taste Test

These people are weirded out by Matzoh balls (which are basically dumplings) and Kugel (which is a noodle pudding) Two of my favorite foods. But they have no problem with Gefilte fish. If they can eat Gefilte fish it can't be that bad. So I bought a jar. I was surprised that Gefilte fish comes in a "sweet" variety that is made with added sugar, but I decided to go with the "plain" to get a base line experience.

Gefilte Fish tastes like a mild tuna fish paste. I tried it with horse radish and wrapped in a lettuce leaf. But it still tastes like it is missing something. Maybe lemon juice, mustard, or mayo. I may try frying one. I read that some people like it that way.

So, in conclusion, Gefilte fish is mild and inoffensive. I will have no problem finishing off the jar. But I don't like it as much as Matzoh balls, Kugel, or chopped liver. I would offer it to small children or invalids.

I may try the "sweet" variety just to see if I like it better.


Gefilte fish to me is meh, but I'm not a big fan of fish. Love matzoh balls. Don't know if I've had kugel, but I've never met a noodle I didn't like.
I am a big fan of fish and I still found the Gefilte fish to be meh.

I put my favorite Kuggle recipe in my family cookbook. It is made with prunes. Kugel is just an egg custard with noodles in it. Like rice pudding with noodles instead of rice, depending on how you make your rice pudding. My usually rice pudding is left over rice with eggs, milk, raisins, sugar, and cinnamon baked until the custard sets.