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August 2017



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Is this what it feels like to go on a bender?

I spent the last four days binge watching "Arrow" (minus S3E1 which was expired from Hulu already). I was watching "The Flash" and discovered that it was a spin off from "Arrow". I had watched half of season 1 of "Arrow" when it first came out. But I lost interest because it was so dark. And also a soap opera. But now that it has cross-overs with "The Flash" I have to keep up with both of them. Most of the seeding for The Flash happened in season 2 but there was one line in season 1 where someone is going to Central City and says "It's not far, I'll be there in a flash." (Starling City is where the Arrow lives, Central City is where The Flash lives.)

I've been doing nothing but watching TV, eating, and sleeping for days. I feel sort of grody. I imagine this is what people feel like after a weekend of drinking. Although I suspect that I actually feel much better than they do. Since I just need a shower and good night's sleep.

"Arrow" is all about relationship drama inter-cut with fight scenes. By season three just about every character who hasn't died yet has become a marshal arts expert. I am really impressed with how the lead actor, Stephen Amell, has really worked out. I read that he does a lot of his own stunts and fights. In the first season his neck was getting so big he barely fit into his shirts.

In the first season, the Arrow was just a vengeful son wearing a hood and some grease paint to hide his face. You could buy that someone would do that. But of course, over time he has gotten a more formal outfit and a tiny mask, which means they can light his face more directly in spite of the fact that the tiny mask is little more than a pair of glasses in terms of hiding someone's identity. In the third season there is a scene with the Arrow (in his green leather outfit) and his side kick (in a matching red leather outfit) where I just laughed because they looked so "cartoony". They are clearly superheros dressed up in superhero costumes at this point. Although the leather pants are justified since they ride motor bikes and are frequently in danger of crashing.

There is a good racial mix for a mainstream show. I haven't seen the statistics but it looks less white than usual to me. There is a cool lesbian kiss in season 2. There is also a new comic book tie in. The Green Arrow as a classic comic book super hero. But this new comic book is based on the TV show and draws the characters to look like the actors. The comic books cover stories that are not shown in the TV show.

Felicity's new boss in season 3 reminds me of Clark Kent, sort of a goofy geek. But I expect him to turn into a super villain at any moment.

"The Flash" is a more light-hearted show than "Arrow". It's got a good villain of the week thing going, and some longer arc mystery in the background. I'm enjoying it.


Binge Watching is a thing. And I do it often. Generally on fridays when I have off and Tracy does not.

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