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October 2017



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So, I'm Trying.

A while ago B bought a very thin kitchen scale for Song (which Song didn't use) so I borrowed it because it is small and thin enough to fit in my bag and I can use it to weigh food in restaurants. Today was the first day I actually used it. The only problem I'm having is that there is no way to make sure it doesn't turn on in my bag. I may have to take the batteries out for transportation. One with a hard cover might be better for this carrying around. (But the Ozeri is a very high quality scale and I didn't have to pay for it.)

At home I have a larger scale that is capable of calculating the calories in my food. But it is just not convenient to carry around.

Today I went grocery shopping and picked up some interesting fruit. I got a box of kumquats because I like kumquats. I was just craving them last week and couldn't find any. Brenden from downstairs carried my groceries up the stairs and asked what they were so I let him try one. He seemed to like it. You eat the whole thing, rind and all. The rind is actually sweeter than the fruit inside.

While I was in the weird fruit section I picked up 3 Rambutan berries(?) I look forward to finding out what they taste like. They smell delicious.

An employee in the produce section recommended I try the Cara Cara Navel oranges. She said they are like ruby red grapefruit. I just bought 1 because I can get cheaper oranges if they taste just like oranges.

She also recommended a Cherimoyas, another fruit I have never tried. It is supposed to taste like vanilla banana pineapple custard.

And I got a Pummelo. I have had them before but they are the closest thing I can have to a grapefruit with my medication. They look huge but the rind is very thick.

I didn't see any today but I also like to pick up an Ugli Fruit when they are in season.


Rambutans are related to lychee nuts and taste (at least to me) very similar. Cherimoyas (also known as custard apples) are delicious when perfectly ripe. I love weird fruit.
I too love weird fruit.

The Rambutans certainly look like lychees. I love lychee nuts but I have never had fresh ones. Just canned.

I am such a good customer at Spicy Asian that they gave me a free bowl of lychees last time I was there.