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August 2017



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Is it Wednesday already?

So, Friday B took me to Chili's for my Birthday lunch. I had a watermelon cooler with vodka in it and their new taco sampler. I asked for one each of fish, shrimp, and pork tacos but they gave me chicken instead of pork. They are so nice they gave me a free pork taco as well. I wanted to try the fish taco because we had been discussing them on Facebook. They were all good.

My drive to Rochester was uneventful. Rauncie had asked the hotel to give me a handicapped room near the elevator. They got it half right, they gave me a handicapped bathroom but it was pretty far from the elevator. Next time I need to make sure the room number is between 20-29 those are the rooms closest to the elevators. The handicapped bathroom did not help me at all. It had a raised toilet that I had to hop up on and my feet didn't touch the floor. And it had a shower and a shower chair instead of a tub. I would have preferred a tub. The lip on the shower stall only served to keep the water from running back into the stall and down the drain. Rauncie offered to ask them to move me. But once I got my stuff in the room I didn't want to have to move everything. I used my luggage cart this time and that helped a lot. I was not crying when I got to the room and I snagged a chair from the festival and dragged it around with me every time I had to walk anywhere. It's really annoying that my insurance won't pay for an electric cart because I don't need it at home. My apartment is so small I couldn't fit an electric cart in here. I only need help when I have to walk longer distances. Well, the physical therapy and weight loss should improve things.

Speaking of weight loss and physical therapy. I was doing pretty good about recording my eating and making good choices for most of the weekend. I brought along healthy snacks and high protene foods so I wouldn't have to worry about meals. Rauncie brought me a hot breakfast on Saturday morning and gave me her dinner ticket on Saturday night so I didn't have to rely on my supplies too much. She is a thoughtful and generous friends. I admire her so much.

The Beast's brother's girlfriend sold me her ASUS tablet (running android) for cheap. Since she lives in Rochester I asked her to drop it off at the hotel for me. It is really cool. I finally have a portable device that can search the internet and run apps! It came with a little keyboard and everything. I wasn't expecting the keyboard so I'm very pleased. it's neon green so I won't lose it easily.

While I was working at REAF Rauncie had the RIT a cappella group Eight Beat Measure come over and sing me a birthday song. They have been at REAF several years. It was a wonderful surprise present to have all these nice young men singing for my birthday.

When Rauncie gave me her ticket for the dinner show she also gave me a dinning companion, a beautiful young woman named Karra, She wore a red wig and a mask so I don't think I will recognize her if I see her again but she was a lovely dinner companion. We had two other couples at our table and we had a lovely time. Karra ordered the vegetarian option which was a tower of roasted vegetables and tofu. I thought it look very nice. I got the chicken breast stuffed with apples. The beef eaters got a slab of prime rib.

Rauncie was very busy as usual being an event organizer. But she helped me carry my stuff out to the car on Sunday morning and we had a nice chat.

When I got home I found Amazon gift certificates from my friends and relatives. Those are very useful for me.

Monday was swim therapy again, which I enjoyed. Yesterday was Sci-Fi book club. We had a lively discussion about "Lock In" by Scalzi. And today I have psycho-therapy.

I was doing a good job of recording my calories and other numbers but I need to fill in some blanks. Some of my food did not come with convenient labels or clear portions. *sigh*