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October 2018



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The Vampire Diaries (TV Show)

After getting caught up on "The Originals" I have started binge watching "The Vampire Diaries". Which is backwards because The Originals is a spin off from Vampire Diaries. I was not attracted to TVD at first because it seemed too much of a teen drama. Which it is. I'm halfway through season 2 and there are more adult characters now and the plots are less centered on teen issues, so that has improved.

Stefan and Damon Salvatore are two brothers who have been vampires for about 150 years. Stefan is the "good" brother and Damon is the "evil" one. Stefan is dating Elena Gilbert, the female lead, a la Twilight only not so soppy. Stefan does drink human blood only animals. Although at this point in the second season he is trying to drink a few drops of Elena's blood every day to build up his strength, because living on animal blood was making him weaker than other vampires who were trying to kill him.

I think Stefan is a great boyfriend. He is usually calm and reasonable and patient and understanding and kind and generous. In general he doesn't do any of the stupid bullshit things that make up most of the soap opera drama that I don't like in other shows. Being 162 years old might have something to do with that.

Damon on the other hand is a homicidal sociopath. And an alcoholic and general asshole. Not as much of an asshole as Klaus in "The Originals" but still an asshole. And being the evil brother he is much more tortured and interesting than Stefan. I'd rather date Stefan but I'd rather watch a show about Damon.

Stefan drinking Elana's blood is interesting. I think drinking your lover's blood is very erotic, in fiction. (Although I'm not interested in doing it myself.) It might be because of all those Anne Rice and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro vampire novels. But desire and attraction are emotions that are hard wired into our digestive system. When we are attracted to, or desire, something we want to make it part of our self and the most obvious way to incorporate thing into our selves is to eat them. Stefan loves Elana so he doesn't want to hurt her. Elana loves Stefan so she wants to be part of his life. So she offers him her blood and he takes it.

Damon on the other hand is loved by no one. He even hates himself. So he has no respect for the people he feeds on. Unconsciously he probably doesn't feel that he deserves to feed on good people, he doesn't deserve to make them part of himself. Although I could see a self-loathing vampire feeding on good people to take pleasure in destroying what he can't have.

How we treat others is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. It's interesting how many different ways that can play out.