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March 2018



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cat helmet

Today's Anxiety: Loose Siding.

Around noon today a piece of siding came loose on my side of the building and has been banging in the wind ever since.

I tried calling my landlord. But their phone was answered by a strange recorded massage that said "This is channel 47-4" over and over again. So I emailed them. I got an email back, and some maintenance men came by.

I do not like letting strangers into my home. It makes me nervous. But since this was an outside problem I didn't think they would need to come in. But they did. A nice man knocked on my door and asked to come in so he could pull down the loose sheet of aluminium from the window. I let him and I wasn't nearly as anxious as I was the last time a maintenance man come in.

They weren't able to get it all down and he said they would have to come back tomorrow with a lift for outside to get high enough to get it.

The window that he used is the one that falls out of it's frame if it isn't latched and after he left I found it on the floor. I don't know if he just left it there or if it fell out after he left. Anyway I put it back and latched it so it should be good for the winter.

The loose piece is still flapping in the wind. It sounds like someone banging a large piece of sheet mettle on the side of the house. Because that is what it is. I'm just glad it isn't freaking the cats out.


Cat Logic

Loud clanging metal? No problem.

Man in apartment? FULL PANIC MODE!

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Re: Cat Logic

*sigh* yeah. Although to be fair, it's not just men, it's any stranger.
Sorry you have to listen to that.

I'm not a fan of strangers in my apartment, either.
Thanks. The did manage to fix it this morning.

On the other hand...

But at least you weren't as anxious this time as you were last time. Sounds like good progress to me!

Re: On the other hand...

Yes. I was calmer this time.

Re: On the other hand...