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July 2018



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The Vampire Diaries (TV Show)

The Vampire Diaries are my current stress relief method. I'm so into this show. I realize that it must have been written by someone who read "Twilight" and said "I can do better than this". It has the whiny teenage girl in love with an eternal teenager vampire, and Native American werewolves. But luckily NO Sparkling! Also witches who "maintain the balance of nature". Unfortunately they also sometimes perform human sacrifices, so there is that.

The Original vampire family were Vikings from England in the 11th century. (That is why they have English accents. *headdesk* Modern English didn't exist back then.) They are also named Esther, Michael, Elijah, Rebekah, Nicklaus, Finn, and Kol. That is an awful lot of Biblical names for 11th century Vikings. Not impossible, but odd for a series that doesn't mention organized religion at all.

So, the Michaelson family (yes, they call themselves that) and a bunch of other Vikings moved to the current location of Mystic Falls, Virginia, in the 11th century (before they became vampires) to escape a plague. They lived there in peace with the Native American werewolves, and an African Witch. *headdesk* In a recent episode Elijah mentioned that there were herds of wild horses in that area too. So, the author apparently decided that no historical research of any kind should interfere with the creative process. In case you didn't know, horses were introduced to the Americas by the Spanish in 1519. Escaped feral horses did reach the plains of North America before any European people did. But the natives had never seen anything like them before. They called the horses moose dogs, or elk dogs, because they looked like moose or elk but would do the work that dogs did. Before horses Natives used dogs to pull heavy loads.

If Vikings had brought European diseases and horses to North America in the 11th century, that would have given the natives 500 years to build up disease tolerance, rebuild their populations, and develop a horse based culture before Europe was ready to start colonizing. History would very different.

Anyway. I'm enjoying the drama. Damon is such a hottie. I understand why they call Ian Somerhalder "smolder-holder". Of course Damon is very troubled and would be a bad person to be in a relationship with even he wasn't an un-dead blood drinker. But he is fun to watch. Much more fun than brooding, self-righteous Stefan. Fiction is not real life. People I enjoy watching on TV and in movies are not the same kinds of people I would want in my life. I like having a boring life, I couldn't take the stress of having an exciting life. But I like explosions and murder in my entertainment.

PS: I'm on season three and Stefan is breaking up with Elana because she and Damon love each other, even though both of them would die for him. This is the sort of drama I hate, they can't help how they feel. It's stupid to hold their feelings against them. You would think that after 162 years Stefan would have learned that it is possible to love more than one person at a time.

And...There is a scene where Rebekah has Damon strung up in the living room so she can torture him and Klaus walks in. I swear the look Damon gives him is totally "This is embarrassing, having your girlfriend's brother walk in during sex". Having a partner who has a high pain tolerance and heals completely would be great for S&M, reminds me of some Wolverine/Phoenix BDSM slash fiction.


"But I like explosions and murder in my entertainment."

Yes, but not so much in the kitchen. :D
Explosions and murder in the kitchen are very bad. :(