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July 2018



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Visiting Cat

Marilyn dropped off Callie yesterday. She has moved right in and taken over the apartment. My two girls, Daisy and Ninshubur are hiding in my bedroom.

I'm glad I taught Callie not to bite. She is very affectionate now. Such a love bug.

In other news. I have been having bouts of depression on an almost weekly basis lately. Just feeling utterly worthless for no reason. Then cheering up again for no reason. Last night was another one. I feel better today.

I had lunch with Anne for her birthday. And went grocery shopping. I'm planning on making lots of cookie doughs and freezing them. Then Song and I can just defrost them and shape them when I go down for the solstice.

Lots of people have been complimenting my hat. I should have B take a picture when we go to lunch on Friday. I'm thinking of decorating my second hat with seasonal decorations. That might be very fun.

I'm also crocheting a hat. I haven't quite got the pattern yet but I'm working on it.


Ohhh, my class is done. I should be able to go to lunch on Friday and see the hat if you guys will have me!
Cool. Let me know if you will be meeting us or picking up Buddha.

Do you have a restaurant preference? We have been alternating between Denny's and Chili's with occasional visits to The Rose. Although I did talk him into Istanbul last week.
I don't drive to campus so buddha usually picks me up if we do something like this. I like Chili's the best out of those 3. I wish he could go to old mexico!
Let's give Old Mexico a try. I think I can get a couple of things on their menu.
Cool. So you will pick up Jenn and I will meet you both at Old Mexico at noonish.