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March 2018



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Weather, books, projects, Bitten (TV show)

It has been unseasonably warm and humid. Monday, I went to Sci-Fi book group and I slipped twice because of the rain. And it was hot and muggy out.

I was feeling "off" Monday night. I considered not going to group, but I don't go out much and I only see this group once a month. I also considered taking one of my Atavan pills. I probably should have. I haven't been eating properly and I was a bit wound up. Even with all of that the meeting went well. We had a good discussion. I even played a couple of rounds of Zendo after the meeting.

I also brought by crochet project to keep my hands busy. I've been making progress on my lavender witch's hat since Anne gave me some advice. She has done a lot of work from patterns and suggested that I do sections and only increase every other row. So I'm only increasing 3 stitches every other row and it's looking pretty good. I might try with only 2 stitches every other row next time. I forgot that heads aren't really round. Luckily for me crocheted fabric is flexible. It's a very strange fabric.

After group I went shopping. And then I went shopping again today. I think that is it for me and shopping. Now I have to start cooking. Yule Cookies and some Halupki. Marilyn gave me a cabbage, and bunch of kale, before she left for Greece. Speaking of Marilyn, her cat Callie is doing fine. We are getting along well. She is very affectionate. My cats have still not come out of the bedroom.

I have therapy tomorrow. But other than that I really need to get things done around the house.

I finished watching the first two seasons of Bitten. It's a female paranormal romance. Lots of hot topless men discussing their feelings, hugging each other, cooking, and washing the dishes. Also lots of sex. And fight scenes. So there are some things men might watch it for.

No gay characters that I've noticed. I thought Nick would be Bi since we first see him in bed with a couple. (He calls the Mr and Mrs Smith, so I guess he is a Swinger.) But he has only been having sex with women since then. He does seem to like giving oral to the ladies. At least Vampire Diaries had gay and lesbian vampires.

Werewolves are all male (except for Elena). And in the second season we learn that Witches are all female (except for Aleister). The Witches keep saying how all werewolves are "brutes". Which is very sexist.

I think I have two of the books from the series this is based on. Someone gave to me but I didn't read them because they are not the first books in the series. I turns out the books I have are the witch books. The first two books are werewolf books. Anyway, now that I've seen the first two books on TV I can read the books I have.

I guess that is all that is going on with me.

Happy Holidays!


Are you making Liebkuchen this year? What would I need to buy you for you to make Liebkuchen? (I understand if the answer involves unpurchasable items like "two more weeks" or "a slave-boy to do the work for me". If so, I'll just go without).
Are you or Jenn home on Thursday or Friday night? I could use a table and an oven to make it.