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January 2019



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Christmas Eve With Family

That went rather well.

Maria and Tom were in charge of dinner. I think it started off as a seafood dinner (In deference to mom's Catholic upbringing.) but then they went to Sharkey's and got carried away with local cuisine. They made crab cakes themselves, and a smoked salmon and cream cheese spread with a sliced baguette, and a green salad with clementines and fennel, and mini hot dogs for my nephews. From Sharkey's they got Pierogies, fried clams, and city chicken. That was quite a dinner. I haven't had city chicken in years. And I don't get pierogies very often either.

Everyone liked the cookies I made. I gave my nephews a stack of Neil Gaiman's children's books: "Crazy Hair", "Wolves in the Walls", "The Day I Traded My Dad For Two Goldfish", "Instructions", and "Fortunately, the Milk..."

I gave my mom a set of baking pans for the toaster oven, so she doesn't have to heat up the big oven when she wants to cook for just her and dad. I was worried that she wouldn't like them, because she really doesn't like to cook. But she did like them. She didn't know they made pans for toaster ovens. And this will make cooking easier for her. Which is what I want for her.

Gina and Dave gave me "What if?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions." by Randell Munroe (the creator of XKCD). This was a very good choice. I'm not an easy person to buy books for. But I didn't have this one. And it is something I am interested in.

We lit the candles on the tree and sang some carols. (I will post pictures later to prove that we actually do this in my parent's home.) I tried to help Forrest with his new Rainbow rubber band loom. We had tea and homemade cookies. Gina had made some too. And then I came home.

The sky was cloudless with a full moon, and air was warm. It was a beautiful drive. I saw one deer by the side of the road, but it didn't run out in front of me so that was OK.


Merry Christmas Eva! I'm glad you had a good time with your family.