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October 2018



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Make Magic

Cooking: Pears and Yankee Dry Rub

I'm making another batch of my Yankee Dry Rub. Let me know if you want a bottle. If you don't know, I was reading a meat cookbook (thanks J!) that had lots of different spicy dry rubs and it occurred to me that what I needed was a nice flavorful spice mix that wasn't to picanté for delicate northern palates. So I mixed up my own special blend of Yankee spices: Paprika, Onion granules, Salt, Garlic granules, Mustard powder, and ground Black Pepper. It is probably very similar to commercial seasoned salt, except it doesn't have as much salt in it. I have crusted roasts with this and not over salted them. Although some people didn't like that much seasoning on their meat. This is mild enough that I have never found it to be too much. I put it on beef, pork, chicken, and fish. It also works well on roasted vegetables or in soups.

While I was down in Binghamton I had a craving for fresh fruit and bought a bag of pears (there is not much fresh fruit this time of year). I bought a bag that had pears that were beginning to bruise because I wanted ripe pears, and with pears if they aren't easily bruised they aren't ripe. Unfortunately, these pears were both easily bruised and hard. I made some of them into a pear upside down cake (using the plum upside down cake recipe from the family cookbook). And today I poached the rest of them in red wine. Pears poached in wine are very tasty.

I soaked some kidney beans yesterday, and today I cooked them. My chili is well on it's way. I just have to brown the ground beef and chop up the bell pepper, onion, and garlic. I use canned tomatoes with "zesty peppers".

In cat news: my cats had still not realized that Callie was gone this morning. So I picked Ninshubur up and brought her to the bathroom with me. She was suspicious. It was fun watching her cautiously checking out the hall, looking for Callie. I can see her dilemma. She can't see or hear Callie but that just means Callie might be sleeping in some corner. It has been several hours now and since Callie has not appeared to defend her territory Ninshubur has joined me in the living room. Now we just have to see how long it takes Daisy to follow suit.


Sounds like a tasty rub!
It really is!
Put me down for one, since we used mine up over the weekend.
Of course!