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March 2018



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Still tired

I've been sleeping all week. I still feel tired.

I didn't go to book club on Monday I think it was almost a year since I missed a meeting. But I was just too tired.

I did go to therapy Wednesday. I have been feeling very good lately. Quite positive and looking forward to the future. Which is very unusual for me. I think it is Jude and NightFall having a good effect on me.

I started thinking about that last night after therapy and I started crying. Which is not good. I took an ativan today to see if that helps.

Marilyn came by and I made some food and gave her some of the Magic Crackers (I still have a lot of them).

I tried to teach Luna a new trick. She won't catch food if I throw it. So I tried putting treats on her head. She was very skittish and didn't like that I was trying to put something on her head. She kept backing away and twisting her head so she could watch my hand. But eventually I distracted her with another treat long enough to put on on her head. I will have to try again next time and see if she remembers that this ends in her getting a treat.

I've made progress on a couple of projects but I really need to clean my house.


I'm sorry that you're having sleep trouble. I hope it clears up--it is really a pain to deal with. Many hugs!

Good luck with teaching Luna tricks. Is she a dog or a cat?

I really have to clean, too. I hope I can get a lot done this weekend. (crossed fingers)
Thank you.
Luna is an Australian Sheepdog. She is very smart. Marilyn got her from a rescue. Luna had been abused as a puppy and was very skittish at first. But she loves Marilyn and she has learned to trust me. Marilyn tried taking Luna to dog training, but Marilyn doesn't really understand how training works. She wasn't able to get Luna to do anything. I have been much more successful with Luna, using treats and a clicker. But I don't spend much time with her and she isn't bonded to me the way she is to Marilyn.
I love Australian sheepdogs. They're beautiful animals. I'm glad Luna has found a loving home.