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January 2019



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fruits and vegetables

Thai Red Curry Again.

I like Thai Red Curry. The way I make it has lots of veggies and is good for me.

Tonight I used Kanokwan Thai Red Curry paste. I hadn't tried this brand before. It is as mild as the Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste. And like the Thai Kitchen brand it is very low in salt. So if you don't like salt or spicy heat give it a try.

I used rehydrated dried mushroom caps. They were a bit chewy and watery. As is the way with most dried mushrooms (but not my usual favorite cloud ear mushrooms). If you like mushrooms (as I do) but don't use your fresh mushrooms fast enough to keep them from going bad dried mushrooms are a good choice.

Petite Shanghai looks pretty much like baby Bok Choy but slightly more green and less bitter. I break them apart when I clean them to get the grit out from between the leaves. I should probably chop them as well to make them easier to eat. I used the whole one pound bag, as usual.

I used my last can of coconut milk. If I had know I only had one can left I would have picked up more. You can't make Thai Red Curry without coconut milk.

Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces.
Brown in sesame oil.
Add red curry paste, coconut milk, and any other spices you want including salt, pepper, and garlic chili paste. Simmer.
Clean and cut the veggies. I use at least 1 pound of leafy greens. You can also add mushrooms, and onions. And any other veggies you like.
Mix 1 Tablespoon of cornstarch with some cold water and stir into the pan to thicken the sauce.
Add the veggies to the pan. And stir in. Only cook until the leafy greens wilt and the veggies are just cooked. Make sure to add the leafy greens last after the thicker veggies are cooked. They wilt quickly.

Dried mushrooms need to be rehydrated before anything else is done. But they can be added with the coconut milk.


I love Thai Red Curry!