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July 2018



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Make Magic

Cooking Weekend!

Once again I descended upon Song with the intention of cooking! I made arrangements with her in advance that I would come down on Friday in time for dinner.

I had lunch with B on Friday as usual. Then went home and lay down for a "quick nap". When Song hadn't heard from me by 5pm (and I didn't answer my phone because it was in another room) she called B to check on me to make sure I hadn't died suddenly. When B knocked on my door I was just getting ready to leave and wishing there was someone who would carry my heavy bags down to the car. :) I called Song to reassure her that I was still alive and on my way. And thanked B for looking after me.

I got down to Binghamton in good time and had a nice dinner of Special Chow Fun, Ribs, and steamed dumplings. And got my laundry started. The Cuteness wandered down and explained to me the three states of matter (liquid, solid, and gaseous). And then we had a good talk about red and white blood cells. She is one smart cookie. I spent the night on the new air-mattress. It is very firm and about two feet high.

The Jazz cat visited me several times, because I was in his room. And in the morning The Cuteness came in to feed him and stayed to talk to me. I got up and made some salt and flour playdough for her and set her up in the dining room to play. Then I made some pudding for me to take my pills with. And had leftover chow fun for breakfast.

Song got up and I made some Indian coconut and cardamom candies. She made some coffee for breakfast then left to go shopping. And I took a nap.

When she got back I started making the bread for poppyseed and apricot rolls. Then I started making coconut pecan candies. And Song baked a pie crust for the Coconut Flan Pie. By that time it was getting late for dinner and we had to put everything on hold while we cooked the lamb chops Song had purchased. She made a soy/ginger glaze for them. She also made some rice and broccoli for dinner. I roasted some of the broccoli in the toaster oven because I like it better that way. For some reason I had a stomach ache and was not very hungry at dinner. I ate my lamb chop. Which was very nice. And a couple of servings of rice with butter, salt, and pepper. But I didn't eat my broccoli. I really wanted to go to bed. But there were three projects that needed to be finished.

After dinner, Song helped me by making the Coconut Flan Pie and putting it in the oven.
While I rolled out the bread and spread it with the fillings and made the loaves.
Then she held the trays while I dished out the coconut pecan candies. She put those in the freezer to await enrobing. At that point I collapsed and left her to take the pie out of the oven and put the bread rolls in.

When I got up at 11:30 she warned me that she was not happy with the egg wash on the rolls, the loaves had stuck together, the sides had split, and the filling had oozed out. She was quite distraught that they were ruined.

I thought the poppyseed loaf looked picture perfect, even with the split side. The tops were beautifully browned, the dough was cooked through, and there was very little gaping in the layers. The apricot filling had made a run for it. But that was not very surprising and the parchment paper had caught it. The poppyseed roll had split on the side where it pushed up against the apricot so it hadn't gotten far. For a first try with a new recipe I thought it was a great success. And the coconut flan pie was perfect.

The next morning I made rice and broccoli fritters (out of the dinner leftovers) for my breakfast. Song made Irish Afternoon tea. And we enrobed the coconut pecan candies in chocolate.

I had heard that chopsticks were ideal for enrobing candies in chocolate. I can use chopsticks but Song is a Nipponophile and her skills are probably better than mine. So I asked her to fish the candies out of the chocolate bath. I dropped them in and she fished them out with her chopsticks. She was closer to the microwave so she also melted the chocolate. There were 50 candies. We used three bags of chocolate. Her hand was beginning to hurt by the time we finished.

When the chocolate set Song bagged it up for me. I dropped by my mother and gave her some of everything. Then I went to Ithaca and picked up B for dinner. He surprised me by also suggesting we see "Deadpool". I would have liked to have taken him up on that. But I was beginning to run down again and came home instead.

So that was my weekend. I hope I see Marilyn and Anne to give them some coconut candies soon. That poppyseed roll was great I should make it again. Song at least has breakfast for the rest of the week for her troubles.
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Sounds like a great weekend!
Indeed! I finished the coconut flan pie today. Tomorrow, poppyseed and apricot rolls!

We did tease each other a bit about proofing and the Great British Baking Show. And we all wore aprons and were Kitchen Witches. I had been afraid the rolls weren't cooked through, it was a relief to see all was as it should be.