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July 2018



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A bit of a fiasco, but not a bad weekend.

I had planned to stay home this weekend. But Mom called and wanted to know what I was doing for my birthday. Since the family is having a big party in July I wasn't planning anything for my actual birthday, tomorrow. I have book group. But Mom invited me down for dinner on Sunday.

I called Song and asked her if I could come down on Friday and stay til Sunday. I have a standing invitation, but it's always best to make sure nothing else is going on and communicate.

Friday I couldn't find my keys when I was trying to get out of the house to meet B for lunch. It turned out I had left them in my car on Wednesday, with the running lights and the fan on. So the battery was totally dead. B came and jumped it for me. And we had lunch. After lunch I had some errands I wanted to run, but the car started stalling every time I came to a stop. So I decided to drive directly to Binghamton, (Which is probably why I forgot to call Song and let her know I was on my way. I usually do that so that if I don't show up in a reasonable amount of time she will know to worry about me.) When I got to Binghamton the car was still stalling so I called Hunts and made an appointment for Monday.

I got to Song's house minuted before The Cuteness and her grandmother arrived. They let me know that The Cuteness was spending the weekend with her grandmother. And The Teenager was spending the night at a friend's house. So I hung out and waited for Song to get home, and waited, and waited. At about 6:30 I called her to let her know I was hungry and ordering dinner. Her phone went to voicemail and I left a message. She called back an hour later to let me know that she had tattally forgotten I was coming down and had gone out for dinner and shopping. She got home just as the Chinese food arrived.

We spent the evening on the couch watching TV. I worked on some craft projects: I finished my nalbinding hat, and worked on a crocheted plastic bag mat that The Teenager had started. I got Song to start her Bonsai tree seeds soaking, and soak the chia seeds for my chia seed cake.

Saturday, Song went grocery shopping in the morning. When she got back she helped me get the Bonsai seeds potted and we made the chia seed cake. I have a family recipe for poppyseed cake and I wanted to see if it would work with chia seeds. It did.

In the evening Song went out to pick up The Teenager. She went out at 5 and didn't get back til 8:30. Since I was expecting her sooner I had made dinner: fried chicken and Broccoli Tots. The Teenager was full of pizza, and Song was not hungry.

Sunday morning Song had to drive to Horseheads for an appointment so I was home with The Teenager. I helped him wash the dishes. And nudged him to do his laundry. I also took pictures of my alternate way of making Plarn

Around 3:30 The Cuteness came home, Song came home, And I left to pick up Indian Food for dinner with my parents.

We ordered from Royal Indian Bar and Grill in Vestal. We had: Plain Paratha, Aloo Paratha (spicy), Vegetable Pakora,
Butter Chicken, Lamb Kashmiri, Goat Saagwala, and I got a Mango Lassi. It was all good. The Goat had bones in it. I don't know why you can't get goat without bones in it around here. The lamb and the chicken didn't have any bones.

I had a nice visit with my parents and set up Mom with Amazon Prime. She has a Roku box so she can watch Prime videos on her TV.

Now I'm home again. Tomorrow is my birthday. I turn 50. I may be having dinner with B and Jenn, and I will be going to Book Group to discuss "The Three Body Problem". (I hope I have finished it by then.) I still don't plan on doing much because there will be a party in July.
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