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March 2018



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Cogito Ergo Nom

Pizza, Bacon, Black Beans, and Kebabs!

I spend the weekend in Binghamton with The Boy. So Song could go to Brooklyn and hang out with NightFall. The Cuteness stayed with her Grandma.

Friday, The Boy came home early from school because he had a headache. Song gets migraines so he might be getting them. When I arrived I started some dough rising for Pizza and went shopping. The Boy insisted on accompanying me. Probably to ensure that he got his soda and chips. I told him that caffeine is bad for headaches so he got rootbeer.

When we got home I made pizza for dinner and we hung out on the couch. The boy went to bed around 8pm. I crocheted and puttered around all night, doing laundry and thinking about what I wanted to cook.

Saturday morning I baked bacon, and scrambled eggs. I also boiled up a big pot of black beans and rice. And I cooked a bunch of chicken tenders that I found in the fridge so we could have chicken quesadillas for dinner.

The Boy got me to watch all three of the Sharknado! movies. They are hilarious. Good campy fun. Although, Ann Coulter as the Vice President of the United States in the third move was truly terrifying.

Sunday The Boy was feeling better and I declared a work day. He did his laundry and helped me wash dishes. I wanted him to cook with me. But he wasn't in the mood.

I kept thinking that I should go to the store to buy some eggs so I could bake Song a cake, and get more spices to make Kofta Kebabs. (I would have made Moussaka but I needed white wine and eggplant for that) I ended up making peanutbutter and chocolate chip cookies instead of cake. And I made the Kebabs without the parsley, coriander, or allspice.

This was my first time making proper kebabs. I've never cooked ground meat on a skewer before. I've also never mashed garlic into a paste in a mortar before. Despite the missing spices the Kebabs tasted very authentic to me. I would love to make them again with all the spices.

Except for the dearth of eggs, I feel I left Song's kitchen well stocked. She should not have to go shopping or cook for several days. There is Juice, milk, cereal, bread, cheese, and sandwich meat for the kids. And Kebobs, black beans, and rice for her. I also left her half a seedless watermelon.