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March 2018



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Meat! Meat! Meat!

The local P&C Fresh had a one day sale today. The meat prices were so low I had to go and buy some. I have enough steak, hamburger, bacon, and sausage to last me two months at least. Most of what I bought was just meat.

They also had some veggies on sale. I got vine ripened tomatoes and cucumbers.

I tried to be smart about this I wrote down everything I wanted from the flier with prices to make sure I got the deals I thought I was going to get.

When I got there I found out they had tasting tables every few feet and live music! It's a party! The cashier told me they do this every year.

I got to taste cheese from a new local cheese manufacturer. (Unfortunately I lost the business card for that company.) Tumino Cheese Company They have a couple of fresh young cheeses that were very interesting.

There were a lot of beer samples. I tried a new Yuengling Summer Wheat that was quite nice. And there was a Hazlitt's Cider Tree Hard Cider that I liked. I could easily have gotten drunk.

There were also a lot of spicy foods. I accidently got the really spicy sushi. There were a couple of salsa tables. A jam table with spicy pineapple jam, and hot pepper jam. And a jarred Jambalaya with sausage, just add rice. Some people from Goya were there with chocolate coconut milk and a shelf stable gazpacho that you can use to make Bloody Marys. And there was a table from Grainful a new company that makes entrees and sides with steel cut oats instead of rice or wheat. I liked their Unstuffed cabbage.

And when I got home I made a healthy chickpea and black bean salad for dinner. I think it was a good day.

Now I just need to process all that meat so it doesn't go bad before I can eat it. My freezer is very full.