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October 2018



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breasts not bombs

Why would anyone support Trump?

I am a Bernie supporter. I knew who he was before this election and I'm glad I had a chance to vote for him.

I don't like Hillary. But I don't hate or despise her. If she were president I don't think anything too terrible would happen. She is a competent politician and would keep things as they currently are.

I think Trump is disgusting troll. He is racist, sexist, and a bully. And I don't think he is too bright.

And yet, late last night I was thinking if I had to choose between Hillary and Trump I might choose Trump. His supporters are correct that he is controlled by no one. He isn't part of the political machine that maintains the way things are.

Supporting Bernie means trying to create change from within the system. Supporting Hillary means staying the course and keeping things as they are. Supporting Trump means saying "F#$% it!" just burn the system down and see if that changes anything.

The traditional Republican elites (who have renounced Trump and say they will vote for Hillary) have never cared about the poor and disenfranchised. They are the ones who create the poverty and do the disenfranchising. They want that to stay. And they are afraid of Trump, because he might rock the boat and cost them all their power and money.

The traditional Democrats have become so entrenched and complacent they are no longer really working for the poor, or the disenfranchised. They are just working to maintain their positions, which are more and more conservative.

What we have now is unacceptable. Voting for Hillary means nothing changes. Voting for Trump will definitely change things. I can understand why people want to vote for Trump. When I put it like that I want to vote for Trump.

What keeps me from doing it is the lives it will cost. Trump's attitude will lead to wars and poverty and death. I imagine many of the good people who voted for Hitler initially just wanted change from their untenable situation, of hyperinflation and poverty. Like the Trump supporters today, they didn't take his anti-semitic threats seriously. And that cost thousands of lives. Trump probably won't get *me* killed. But you never know. And I would hate for other people to die because of my vote.

I haven't been this concerned about our future since 12 years ago.