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January 2019



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Memorial Day Weekend

I have been very busy. After Jude and Becky left was the annual get together at Barb's for Memorial Day weekend. I made Spiedies again, because they were popular last year.

I had planned on going down Friday, but I was very out of it and Song called and told me Barb didn't have running water. So I postponed my departure till Saturday. When I got there the water problem had been fixed.

My spiedies were still frozen though. Song has pictures of me and Mowg standing around the kitchen with bags of frozen spiedies on our heads trying to defrost them and keep cool at the same time. Janise helped me put the meat on the skewers and we hung out on the porch for a while. Then we cooked half the spiedies for dinner.

Song had built a fire in the fire circle, but I didn't feel up to walking down there. So I went to bed early.

The next day more people arrived. We hung out on the deck some more. I had my new ipod and my new portable ipod speaker and I shared some of my music. Allen appreciated it but I don't think other people did. I really want to share my music, but when people get together they want to talk to each other, not listen to music. *sigh*

I took an afternoon nap so I would be up for evening festivities. I even drummed for the Maypole Ritual! And afterward I hung out at the fire circle.

Monday we finally roughed out the procedure for Song's Wedding ritual. It looks good. I have to write it up and send it to the participants.

People were very helpful carrying my stuff for me. And I was careful to take naps and not overextend myself. So it went very well. I had a good weekend. I like it that way.