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March 2018



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I spent a week with my dad.

My mom was taking a road trip with my sister Maria, so I stayed with dad. It went pretty well. We had visitors every day. I cooked most of the meals but sometimes dad made himself an egg and some toast. If he didn't cook for himself I made him an egg and toast for breakfast. For lunch we usually had sandwiches. And for dinner we had meat with salad, and rice or potatoes. The most complicated thing I cooked was sweet and sour pork. Although I also made cookies so mom would have a treat when she got home.

Mom had an adventure right at the start. When she got to the airport she found out she was scheduled to go to Portland OR, instead of Portland ME. She got that straightened out but it meant she arrived in Portland five hours before Maria was expecting her. If either mom or Maria had been carrying working cell phones they might have hooked up since Maria arrived at the same airport while mom was there. But they didn't, so they missed each other and mom spent four hours in the airport, until the nice lady at the information desk drove her to the hotel. Other than that they seemed to have a great time in Maine and driving home.

Mom bought me three little puzzles as presents from her trip. One of them is a rope and ring puzzle. I have a hard time with those. I watched a video of the solution and I can do it, but I don't understand how it works. Which is frustrating. I don't want to just solve it. I want to understand the topology of it! One is a bamboo puzzle that is a basic 3D sliding interlocking piece puzzle. Once you get the final piece out it falls apart and you have to put it back in the correct order. The third puzzle is a variation on what I call a Patience Puzzle. It has a simple solution but it takes time to go through the motions. I hadn't done it in a while so it took me a few minutes to remember the solution.

People sometimes compliment me on my patience, but I'm not a very patient person.