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January 2019



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What's going on

I went to Pat Robert's Memorial service. Despite my best intentions I was ten minutes late to the service. But luckily I'm familiar with the UU church in Binghamton and I was able to get into the Sanctuary without causing a fuss. I arrived just in time for the reading from one of Pat's favorite books "I Could Pee on This" a collection of poems by cats. The UU minister, Rev. Douglas Taylor, did a great job. I strongly recommend him if you need to have a memorial service for a godless person. I have attended several Christian memorial services where I have left deeply offended by the behavior of Christians who use this captive audience as an opportunity to proselytize. Rev. Taylor does a wonderful job working with the family to present a service that honors the life of the deceased. I've attended two of his memorial services so far and both were very respectful. Also the UU Binghamton building is very pretty, the arrangement of rooms works well for all kinds of services, and it is handicapped accessible. They even videotaped the services and made DVDs available right after the service. My sister Maria gave one of the eulogies. She is an excellent speaker, both in content and presentation.

Then this past weekend Song and I went to the venue for her upcoming wedding and tasted cakes. They were delicious. The site is beautiful. The staff is very courteous and helpful. And the pond is full of water lilies and koi fish. I think we have the wedding all planned out now. I spent the weekend working on a project for the wedding. And I think I picked up a cold from The Teenager. It's a good thing I don't have to do anything in the next week.

There were two obituaries on the radio this evening, one for a 64 year old coach and the other for a 76 year old writer. I find myself subtracting my age from theirs and looking at how much longer I likely have to live. (14-26 years) That's the thing about turning 50, I'm unlikely to live to 100, so I have less time in front of me than I have behind me. Frankly, I never expected to live this long. People have been telling me my weight would kill me since I was a teenager.

But on a more positive note I have been working on my book! I hope to actually publish a version of it someday.
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The Teenager hasn't been sick...

His allergies are horrendous, as mine have been, and he doesn't take his medication regularly. All that being said, I was informed today at work there are stomach bugs going around, so be on the lookout.

Re: The Teenager hasn't been sick...

He was coughing when I left. All I've had is an exceptionally runny nose, and a cold feeling in my sinuses. It might be allergies.

I've been taking all my cold remedies and sleeping.

My stomach feel fine so far.

Yeah, not surprised.

He does start coughing when he's behind on his meds, all that post nasal drip nonsense. I've been harassing him.
Hugs for the funeral. I do the same thing with obituaries these days. Sigh.

Good luck on the book!