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March 2018



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the lake house

As usual I didn't accomplish as much as I had hoped before I left for the lake house. I got most of the car cleaned out, made a trip to the recycling center, and did the shopping I needed to do. I got here by 6:30 in time for Pizza with the family.

After dinner. I made jello frogs with the boys. And started some ratatouille. And boiled 3 dozen eggs for pickled eggs. After boiling and shelling 3 dozen eggs, and pouring in 3 cans of beets, and one bottle of cider. I promptly dropped the gallon sized glass jug and it shattered into a million pieces. Maria, Dave, and Gaby cleaned up the huge mess. The eggs and beets were full of glass and had to be thrown away. I had reached the end of my rope. That is probably why I made the bad decision that led to me dropping the jug. So I called it a night and went to bed. It was about 9:30pm

I woke up at 3:30am when my pain meds gave out and every part of my body started complaining about how much I had abused it. But I stayed in bed for a while longer until I could hear the boys up and about. Forrest has decided it is fun to bark like a small puppy.

So, I've had my pills and I'm ready for another day.


The Hot Tub is your Best Friend.

I'm putting in OT now so I can leave early on Friday. My goal is to be there between 5 and 6 with the Teenager in tow.

I hear my Cuteness has become a fishing fiend. Did she catch supper?

Re: The Hot Tub is your Best Friend.

Unfortunately NF has decided that he can't come, for health reasons. I'm not terribly surprised, but that means we have two hotel rooms that will each sleep 4 people.

The Cuteness did catch a nice sized catfish and we had it for lunch yesterday. She is having a great time.

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